Yoga in Thailand

If your in Phuket, Thailand, you will be able to attend our Phuket Yoga class at our camp. If you are not, then there are options to do Yoga all over Thailand…

Yoga Connection

Soi Lasalle 53, Sukhumvit 105, Bangkok (02) 398-5746

If you’re into surrounding yourself with beauty when practicing yoga, then you’ll definitely need to check out the yoga connection. They only have a couple of different practices which they specialize in which are hot yoga and Hatha Yoga, but they do have a lot of space in order to move around. The studio opens a little bit later than the other ones with the first class starting at 9 AM, and it also shuts down a bit earlier as well with the last class starting at 6:30 PM. You can however find that it is open on both Saturday and Sunday beginning at 10 AM, and the last class at 4 PM. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that even with the beautiful surroundings, the prices of the classes here are significantly lower than the other studios in town with really super prices on packages. Due to the savings and the surroundings, you’ll not be sad about visiting the yoga connection.

Absolute Yoga

4th Floor, Amarin Plaza, Ploenchit Rd. Pathumwan, Bangkok (02)-252-4400

One of the most widely known yoga studios within all of Bangkok, and likely even all Thailand is Absolute Yoga. It doesn’t matter which variety of yoga you are into, as they have teachers and classes for all styles, and the instructors are all highly trained and skilled within their individual practices. You won’t have any trouble finding one of their studios either as they currently have eight spread throughout Thailand. For those early risers, you can begin your first class at 7 AM, and for the evening yoga lovers, the last class starts at 7:45 PM. If you are a student living in Thailand, you can benefit from any of the student discounts that absolute yoga provides. They also have discounts for individuals who sign up for longer than just a month-to-month membership. For the best savings, you’ll want to check out their yearly package, as this will allow frequent users to only pay less than a dollar per session when all is said and done.

Yoga Elements Studio

23rd Floor, Vanissa Building, 29 Soi Chidlom, Bangkok (02)-655-5671

If if you are planning on going to Bangkok anytime soon and are a fan of either Ashtanga Yoga or Vinyasa yoga then you may really want to check out the yoga elements studio. Yoga elements focuses on all of the gentle moves that are easy on the body, and it doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or have been practicing yoga for years as they have classes to meet everybody’s needs. You will not find any Thai teachers in this studio as they are all from Western descent, but it is still the real deal because each of the instructors have spent years studying beneath some of the best masters of yoga in India. If you’re into beginning your day with your yoga workout, then you can participate in the first class beginning at 7 AM, or alternately if you would rather end your day with a class, the last class begins at 7:20 PM. There are also classes running through the middle of the day as well at various times. Occasionally they will have visiting teachers who will come in and provide classes for meditation and some of the more spiritual yoga practices. You’ll never get bored with all that happens within yoga elements.

Ashtanga Yoga

28/1 Sukhumvit16, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok (08)3 449 8002

For those who wish to visit a yoga studio that is solely Thai owned and operated, you may wish to look at the Ashtanga yoga studio. Ashtanga is the only practice that they focus on, but once in a while they will have a teacher that visits who will provide a workshop on Vinyasa yoga. You won’t have any difficulty finding the studio since it is located next to the sky train and it’s good for the early risers as well since the first class begins at 7 AM. The last class begins at 8:00 PM, so that should work well for individuals who love to end their day on a positive note. They adhere to the teachings of Ashtanga by having the studio closed on both full moon and the new moon days. If you’re interested in taking private lessons, these are also made available.

It doesn’t matter which type of yoga practice that you are interested in, as you can find everything from hot yoga to Iyengar and all in between while in Bangkok. Whether you’re just starting out, or have been practicing for years, you’ll be able to find a yoga studio that will both match your skill level and the budget that you want to afford. You be pleasantly surprised that nearly every one of the studios is going to be cheaper than what you would have to pay in America or other Western countries, so if you are over in Thailand and wish to broaden your Thai experience, check out one of the many yoga studios that are available.

Iyengar Yoga Studio

Fifty Fifth Plaza, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok (02) 714-9924

For those who are into Iyengar yoga, there is a studio located in Bangkok with classes beginning at 8 AM in the morning, and ending at 7 PM. Iyengar yoga studio is the first actual studio to become accredited in this practice within all of Bangkok, and they have instructors who are all highly qualified. There are three different levels of instruction that are taught within the studio, and when you show up you are required to either wear leotards or tights that don’t have feet, and will not be allowed to wear any type of shoes. The studio is owned by Westerners, and does have some fairly stringent policies for admittance, although anybody who does take classes here is sure to grow in their knowledge of this yoga practice. They also have some classes that are set up for children to participate in.

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Thank you for this post. It’s overwhelming trying to find good quality yoga providers when you are already in Thailand. I will use this as a reference point for sure. Cheers, Amy.


Great to see that so many classes run into the evening so the heat of the day has had a chance to cool off a bit. Thankyou for compiling this list.


Less than a dollar per session with a yearly pass?? That’s awesome!!! Think I just found my next holiday destination!!! By the way, thanks for such a great site. Each time I visit I am inspired to eat fresh, treat my body with respect and restore a bit of balance in my mind. Thank you.


Thanks for this summary, will definitely keep it handy. Your site offers a wealth of great wellness information!


I like the fact that many of these yoga studios last after 7pm for busy people like me who prefer to workout in the evenings. It also helps me relax at night and sleep better.


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