Weight Loss Program

The Weight Loss Program is the ultimate in fat-loss and body transformation. If you’re looking for BIG results from you’re training – and want to get a great looking body – Look No Further…

Regardless of whether you’ve got some fat to lose or over 50 kilo’s – this program will strip-off fat and transform you’re body faster than anything I’ve ever seen. It truly is amazing.

In just day’s of Dieting and Training in this way – you will see noticeable differences in you’re body.

This program is inclusive of all Food and Training. You get the exact nutrition – at the right time – and in combination with a killer Weight loss workout routine, which turns you’re body into a Fat Burning Machine…

Designed by certified Nutritionist and renowned Phuket trainer; this is the ultimate Belly Fat Cure…


You may have wondered how Hollywood actors get in shape so fast for upcoming movies. Amazing feats have been accomplished, from losing 30 pounds of fat in 30 day’s to gaining 10 pounds of muscle in a week!

So how do they do it?

Using cutting edge training techniques like HIIT (high intensity interval training) combined with gym workouts and cardio.

Which is exactly how we train YOU in the Weight Loss Program

We use High Intensity Circuit Training, Sprints, Weight workouts, Fitness-boxing, long distance Running, Yoga, Beach Boot Camp sessions and more. The results of this training routine are incredible.

Of course – in any training program, times can get tough. To achieve you’re weight loss goals, you need support and encouragement along the way. You need to be pushed at times and rewarded at others. You need the support of a team of committed staff and trainers. We are you’re support group.

Diet & Nutrition

The food you eat is critical to you’re success.

Even if you trained hard for months, you could still be out of shape and overweight if you aren’t eating the right foods.

Our camp is known all over Thailand (& even the world) for having some of the best weight loss diets. We’ve spent literally YEARS researching and developing our menu and the results are nothing short of amazing.

From dieting alone, you could lose pounds of unwanted belly fat. And when combined with our training routine… you get MASSIVE results.

We’re talking losing pounds of fat in just days… We’re talking about completely transforming you’re body in a matter of weeks… And we’re especially talking about becoming the fit, healthy and happy person you want to be.

Everyday you get 3 delicious weight loss meals and 1 diet shake. The ingredients used, are specific fat-burning foods which contain the right amounts of Protein, Complex-Carbohydrates, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s), Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-Oxidants.

The diet uses complex-carbohydrates (slow carbs) which digest slowly providing you’re body with long-lasting energy in the gym. It also has a lot of Protein which helps you’re body quickly recover and get fast results.

Not only will this diet help you blast through fat, but you’ll also feel great. You’ll have high energy, motivation and a willingness to train hard.

When you’ve completed this Program, you will be lean, toned and super healthy. You’ll be filled with energy and be ready to return home and impress you’re friends and family by you’re transformation.

P.S this will work for you. This is not some hyped up scam or “magic pill”. This is a real method for losing weight and keeping it off. It’s been used by people from all different countries, all different ages, all different physical conditions – and this Program works every-time.

Really Awesome!

Jul 26, 2012 by Emma (USA)

Hi guys, i want to write this review to thank you and show my appreciation. The training program was awesome and having just weiged myself now i've lost 14KG in just over the month that i stayed on the camp. thank you so much! and thanks for the advice about how to keep this weight off.

I recommend this

Jun 07, 2012 by Richard (London, England)

I really liked it. It was a well designed program and whilst I admittedly had less to lose then most, I certainly did benefit from it. I feel so much better now and am more confident in my body around other people. Recommended.

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