Spinning (Group Cycling)

Spin biking is very popular nowadays, despite it being a new class. Here in Phuket, spinning is only just starting to take off and as more and more people are learning about this new class it is growing in popularity on the island.

Taking part in a spinning class is a really great method for an individual to get an intense cardiovascular workout, and during the off-season is a great way for melting off unwanted calories and keeping your body fit. In order to truly benefit and take any type of enjoyment from these classes however, an individual needs to enjoy exercise bikes, as well as have the capacity to endure being in a room with a bunch of other individuals who are all sweating profusely.

There has been a large increase in the popularity of spinning classes recently due to the fact that they are all quite well orchestrated and planned out. The typical class includes an intense cardiovascular workout on an exercise bike set the beat of incredibly heart pumping music. They also work in the benefits of interval training  by increasing and decreasing the intensity which provides the participants with a workout that is comparable to what is achieved in a typical aerobics class. This is all done without stressing out your joints like in your typical stepping classes.

Some typical calorie burning results an individual can expect to achieve by taking a part in spinning classes is as follows: typically a person who weighs in at 150 pounds and only undertakes a light intensity workout can burn as many as 250 cal in a 30 min. time span. If they are to increase the spinning to an intermediate level workout, they can increase the calorie burn to 375 cal. In order to further benefit, the workout could be increased to a high intensity level that would allow the individual to burn off 447 cal in the same 30 min time frame. If you would like to figure out what your own calorie burn would be for your own weight and frame, then you should use this calorie calculator. If an individual is to work out seven days a week for 30 min. a day, using a high intensity workout, they could shed a pound of fat a week. Because those results are pretty typical, it is easy to see why it is quickly becoming very popular.

In order to participate in the spinning workout, you need a specifically designed indoor bike. There are a wide variety of different models on the market, and the capabilities offered are all going to be factored in with the price, but structurally they all pretty much the same. They’re all going to be fitted with a large flywheel which helps provide resistance, and some foot straps which help to keep your feet on the pedals when you’re working through the sessions. Some of the higher end models are going to provide the user with computer digital readouts that keep track of all of their statistics like heart rate, distance, the amount of calories earned, and cadence.

These computerized readouts are very helpful during a spinning class because they will allow you to keep track of where you are in your workout and how much harder you can push yourself and still remain within the healthy cardiovascular parameters. This will allow you to increase your intensity level as you are instructed by your teacher in increments that are sufficient to raise your heart rate enough to challenge you physically, but not overdo it.

Group Cycling

Take your endurance workout to the next level in our 45 min. group cycling class that will help you to gain mastery over your body and gain a better understanding of yourself. Unlike the majority of group cycling classes, where the instructor will just press the play button and let the students go crazy peddling way, we are not going to let anybody slack, as we’re constantly getting off and on our bikes in order to check heart rates, positions, and to ascertain whether the students are decompressing and de-stressing adequately. Wash away all of the stress from your day by peddling to the beats of the top DJ mixes put together by Club DJ. Don’t settle for the old typical routines that most cycling classes put you through, experience something new and exciting by making use of our life coaches who will add a touch of groove to your cycling routine. This is something that you’re going to love to hate, but you are definitely going to see the results for your efforts both outside and in. It is our desire to help you reach the next level of fitness by sharing with you our many years of dance, martial arts, and cycling experience.

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Thanks for including the link to the calorie calculator in this post :)
I always forget about spin classes-such a refreshing alternative to my usual running/walking/swimming routine. Great to hear that you prioritise having good music to work out to as well! That can make all the difference between a blah class and some serious sweating.


Spinning is the best! I gave up on cycling a couple of years ago, and then I discovered spinning. The group aspect is what makes me coming back every day!


I enjoy working out on the bike, however I never tried spinning. It looks very intense, but I think I am willing to give it a try.


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