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If you would like to experience one of the most highly reputed spa destinations in the world today, second only to Australia in popularity, you need to come to Thailand and bask in the relaxing and rejuvenating environment that is becoming increasingly prevalent and recognized throughout the world. The spa sector within Thailand began back early in the 1990s, but over the recent years it has exponentially grown and has become increasingly popular with even the locals. When they first started out, they were only found within the plush five-star accommodations that were available on the island, and only the people who could afford to stay in such destinations could benefit from all that the spa offers, but today you will find them located all over. In fact, there is a research outfit based in Singapore called Intelligent Spas who developed and released a report stating that the spa sector within Thailand has increased to become the most popular destination within the Asian continent for individuals looking for a spa vacation. It stated that Thailand contains 2% of the spa destinations on the planet, and as a result is becoming one of the largest sources of income for the region.


One of the biggest reasons that people are becoming so enamored with the spas located within Thailand is because of the history of Buddhism within the area, and the fact that the majority of the spas add in the flavor of the Buddhist teaching to the treatments. Everybody who experiences the wonderfully relaxing environment of a Thai spa is completely invigorated and refreshed afterwards, and because the price is so much cheaper than other locations in the world, the people just keep returning for the pure enjoyment and affordability of the experience. This affordability and the fact that all of the spiritual techniques like meditation, and herbal treatments are all blended in such a way that follows the time-honored teachings and techniques that have been passed down through the generations make it an experience that is worth a return trip.

There is more than enough variety in the spas to cater to the tastes of pretty much every individual that would be interested in such treatments today, whether it’s because of the price, the type of treatments, or the size of the spa. For the most part, most of the day spas within Thailand are going to provide you with an experience that will give you a true taste of the Thai culture, but for those individuals who aren’t into that so much, there are a wide variety of different spas available to choose from. These would include plush resort spas, urban spas, medical spas, wellness centers located out on the islands, and even destination spas that allow you to relax in the lap of luxury. Many of the different spa locations within Thailand have received some very prestigious awards by themselves, apart from Thailand itself being named one of the biggest spa capitals on the planet. As an example, the spa destination of the year, was given to “Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket”. Another award was given to S medical spa in Bangkok Thailand for the “Medi-Spa of the Year”. These awards were joined by another one which was received by Karina Stewart who is the cofounder, brand and concept director, of the Kamalaya wellness sanctuary, who was deemed the “Spa Personality of the Year”. In addition, the award for the “Men’s Spa Treatment of the Year” was given to the Man Space Healing Balance Massage within the Spa & Club of the Grand Hyatt in Bangkok.


The future for the spa sector within Thailand is looking to keep growing and developing to match the demand. This is especially true do all of the accolades they have recently received, and there is no sign of any type of slowdown within the industry. One of the things that helps them be so successful within this sector is the fact that they have a Thai spa operators Association which has been incredibly supportive of all the businesses and who are starting up within the industry. They also help to get therapist trained up to international standards within the methods that help to keep the spas traditional within the culture of the Thai people. The leader of the Association feels that there is always room for improvements, and many occasions where they can raise the bar even further so that they can keep growing and hold on to their leading position with the world market. The Association is completely dedicated to furthering the training that they provide, and keeping everybody up to date and educated in order to eventually meet their goal of soon becoming the leading spa location in the entire world.

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SO much cheaper than in Aus and in my experiences, equally good. I will have to remember to book into the Grand Hyatt on my next three day stop over.


I love the Thai people! They are usually so gentle and beautiful. Reading this has reminded me of how much I need a holiday. $5 massages? Yes please!!!


Absolutely an industry worth supporting.


Sounds amazing, not just physically relaxing but maybe a little lift for the soul. Great article thanks


I would love to visit one of these spa’s in Thailand one day. It sounds really amazing and full of culture, wonderful people and food.


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