Pilates, Body Flow & Body Attack

Phuket is fast becoming a health and fitness destination. Lot’s of new workouts, fitness classes and exercises are being used. Here are some of the classes being run:


The primary aim of Pilates is to provide the body with a complete fitness routine. It is going to help provide the practitioner with more elongated and supple muscle tone, and will provide a good balance both physically and mentally by working the entire body as a unit.

When an individual begins doing Pilates, the focus is on strengthening the body’s core which includes the abdomen, hips, as well as the back. After an individual has sufficiently strengthened their core, they will be able to more intensely focus on the rest of their body. It is not the aim to simply provide additional body strength, but it is also aimed at increasing both coordination and flexibility.

Anybody who practices Pilates is going to experience an improvement in their posture, their cardiovascular strength, as well as physical strength. Pilates provides the individual with a well-rounded workout that provides complete fitness for the body and helps individuals successfully meet their fitness goals whether it is to become more flexible, or to get stronger.

Body Flow

There are really two basic instincts that guide human beings, and that is an attraction towards experiencing pleasure, and a retraction from experiencing pain. Many times, due to the fear that arises from the potential of feeling pain, many of us will opt out of seeking pleasure which results in limiting the potential we have as human beings.

If you want to increase your body’s ability to experience pleasure, then you need to learn how to let your body vibrate and feel. Vibration is at the root of all feelings that our bodies experience often times beginning very gently, and other times very powerfully. It’s not uncommon for individuals to attempt to avoid experiencing any type of negative feelings, or to inflate our own self image, and when that happens our inner being becomes inflexible. Body flow helps individuals to retain or regain that vibrant and flowing feeling that is present within everybody through the use of expressing emotions, meditation, and bodywork.

Body Attack

Typically a person can look forward to a one-hour session when they participate in a body attack class. The focus is always going to be on developing an individual’s strength, speed, agility, and of their overall fitness. The first part of the class is going to implement some simple aerobics in order to warm up, but then will develop into a much more intense workout using a wide range of different moves. The next progression is going to consist of two very intense peak workouts which will be followed by some conditioning and recovery. If you are able to push yourself through the entire set, you will be able to fully enjoy the final session that entails an awesome opportunity to fully recover and stretch it all out. If you are able to successfully complete the class and come out of it with a smile, you definitely deserve to pat yourself on the back.

While it might seem like a lot to put yourself through, there are plenty of benefits worth pursuing by taking part in a body attack class. These include such things as burning calories, toning and sculpting your muscles, improving your stamina and overall fitness, increasing your agility and coordination, and strengthening your core muscles. On top of that, you will experience an increase in the capacity of your lungs and your overall cardiovascular conditioning. If these classes don’t give you the ability to take the world on, then it’s likely that no exercise class will. Whenever you participate in body attack classes, it’s important to wear comfortable clothing and quality gym shoes. You should also bring a towel, and an abundance of water. These are all of the essentials that you need in order to benefit from a workout that you will likely not experience anywhere else.

Is a body attack workout right for me?

If you are already at a moderate fitness level, then it’s likely that you be would do well in a body attack class. There aren’t any significantly complex moves that you have to worry about, so sign up and give it a try. It’s important to keep in mind however that you need to take a days rest in between the classes so that your body will have plenty of time to recover.

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Pilates sounds like an interesting alternative to yoga.
I’ve not heard of Body Flow before. Is it high impact or quite gentle?


Body attack! I can’t wait to try it, sounds like an amazing concept. Keep a coconut or two handy, sounds like I will need one afterwards!


I prefer Pilates over yoga. I enjoy the stretch from yogo but it’s a little too slow for me. I enjoy doing it at night right before bed to help me relax.


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