Phuket Muay Thai Camp

Over the recent decades, the world has become enamored with martial arts, and an increasing amount of individuals are pursuing these arts as a form of exercise, inner peace, and relaxation. You can see just how popular and integrated these martial arts are becoming within Western society just by looking at all the worldwide events that they are integrated into such as the Olympics. The discipline of muay thai was cultured and developed from many of the different Eastern martial arts, and likely due to its unique flavor, has grown and evolved into its own cultural phenomenon. Many individuals today are taking the time to immerse themselves into the sport as a way to get in shape, and participate in what could be construed as the Eastern culture on a daily basis. Muay Thai is typically referred to as Thai boxing around the world, and it could even be deemed as a variety of kickboxing, but there are several critical differences between Muay Thai and actual kickboxing.

The word Muay Thai is derived from the Sanskrit word Mavya Tai, which has a literal meaning of the art of eight limbs. This is quite different than any other Western boxing methods that only use their hands to attack there opponents, or even kickboxing which focuses entirely on the hands and feet. With Muay Thai, students are taught how to attack with not only their feet and hands, but also their knees, and elbows. It is not uncommon for many kick boxers to come to Thailand to learn Muay Thai however in order to further develop the skills that they already have as they do complement each other very well.

Reasons to Choose Thailand to Learn Muay Thai

One of the primary reasons why you would want to go to Thailand to learn Muay Thai is because of the fact that this is the land where it originated. It only makes sense that one would want to study an art form such as this where the true masters are located, and all of the original elements of the art are still remembered and taught. Another really good reason is because of the fact that all of the instructors are likely to have been studying Muay Thai ever since they were children, so they will have a lifetime of experience to share with those who wish to learn.

Since Muay Thai is such an integrated part of the culture of Thailand, learning the sport where it was developed is also going to immerse you in the history and the origins of the art. You’ll be much better prepared to understand the mindset of those who have mastered the sport within the culture that developed it.

Training Camps

The majority of Muay Thai training camps in Thailand are open to Westerners or other foreign nationalities, although you will have some traditionalists who are not willing to share their secrets with foreigners. Today there are not very many of those however, and the majority of the teachers in Thailand are going to be more focused on an individual’s desire to learn and their love for the sport rather than what part of the world they come from.

Typically there are 2 to 3 classes throughout the day, and anybody who is in good enough shape to do so is able to train in each of those sessions. You only get one day off during the week as well, so if you can cope with six days a week you are more than welcome to go for it. Today the going price for the majority of these Muay Thai training camps is around 10,000 Thai baht, or about $316 US. Due to the reasonable prices and the bond that develops between all of those who take part in this intense Muay Thai training, those who typically only plan on coming to Thailand to train for the typical month long camp, end up extending their visit.

It needs to be said that not everybody is going to be cut out for the intensity of these training camps within Thailand, but if you are a fan of the sport and enjoy watching it, there are more than enough venues where you can watch some of the best Muay Thai experts in the land in action. One of the best places to go on watch these matches is the Bangla Stadium in Patong which is located in Phuket and is known as the biggest party capital of Thailand. If you’re looking to attend one of these events, you need to show up about nine o’clock in the evening and bring about 600 baht with you in order to watch the bouts. Typically they last a couple of hours, so they won’t tie up an extremely large part of your evening, but if you are there, you really can’t say that you truly experienced Thailand without going to one of these Muay Thai fights, so go. Muay Thai is after all the national sport of Thailand, and this is prominently displayed throughout all of their news publications, magazines, and TV broadcasts, so if you want to get the best of the Thailand experience, make sure that you include Muay Thai into your plans.

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What an amazing trip that would be to spend a week in Thailand learning Thai boxing for a week. That would be so unforgettable. And probably *so* physically grueling. But rewarding too.


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