Phuket Detox

Detoxing has become an important part of life in this day and age. If you are interested in keeping yourself healthy, feeling great and looking young, you should read this article and take it on board…

Everyday we come into contact and absorb toxins from our environment. We absorb these toxins from a variety of sources including smoking, coffee, fast foods, skin products, and even through the air we breathe. Today it’s incredibly common for us to be exposed to lots of factors that are harmful to our bodies including pesticides, chemicals, lack of exercise, stress, sleep deprivation, radiation, animal fats, drugs, food additives, bad eating habits, low nutritional food, and we could go on hear for quite a long time really but I think you get my point. The result of all these detrimental things to our health combine to provide us with a shorter life span, a lower quality of life, and progressive illnesses than most often just get chalked up to us growing older.

In order for the body to work correctly, it’s imperative that all of these toxins get removed from our bodies. The colon is the part of the body that works to eliminate these types of harmful toxins like indigestible chemicals, bacteria, putrefying food, viruses, and all the other fecal material, but sometimes our colons get way over worked, and when that happens our bodies built up these toxins. When those toxins bodies start to build up, our body start to develop the health issues that are so detrimental and harmful.

If you only have a bowel movement one time a day, then it’s likely that 85% % of the toxins within your bowels are being reabsorbed back into your bloodstream. When our colons are unable to get rid of all these toxins, it becomes saturated leading to a process that has been coined “auto intoxication”. That is just a term which describes what happens when all of those toxic substances get back into your bloodstream and results in your whole body becoming polluted. The result is that your kidneys, lungs, circulatory system, lymphatic glands all become overworked to a point where they aren’t able to deal with the toxic overload the your body is experiencing, and eventually you start feeling extremely rundown and develop serious health issues.

Toxins from Food

Almost all of the processed foods you can buy in the stores are going to contain some sort of harmful chemicals. Take cows milk for example, all of the cows are given artificial hormones that get them to produce more milk, or even chickens who are given these hormones to produce more eggs. These big food moguls are even putting pesticides in vegetables so that they keep their “fresh look” for an unnaturally long time.

Air Toxins

There’s a variety of different toxins in the air that we breathe, whether it be carbon monoxide from cars, pesticides from people spraying their gardens, aerosols, or even standing next to your buddy who is smoking a cigarette. That’s just naming a few of the toxins we breathe in each day.

Toxins in the Skin

Our skin takes in toxins from a variety of different sources as well, and lots of times they are self inflicted. Whenever we put on perfume, suntan lotions, mosquito repellents, makeup, and even many of the “skin care products” that are on the market today saturate our skin with chemicals that are absorbed into our bodies.

Radiation Toxins

There’s a wide variety of different products on the market today that emit certain amounts of radiation which is absorbed by our bodies, and I’m not talking Fukushima on this one. Whenever you use a mobile phone, watch a TV to close, or even get too close to your computer screen, you can be exposed to low doses of radiation toxins. Our bodies naturally get rid of the vast majority of toxins that come into our bodies, but typically we aren’t able to get rid of all of them. That means that many of these toxic residues are slowly building up within our system leading to a large number of the major health problems that people in society suffer from today.


Roundworms – pin-worms – flatworms (flukes) – protozoan – tapeworms – hookworms

All of these listed above are parasites that can make their homes in our bodies. These always take up residence within our intestines, stomach, colon, and bowels, and we can become infected with these parasites through several different carriers including mosquitoes, cats, and dogs. The only way to get rid of these parasites is to get treated for them, and until you do they’ll just keep multiplying. When you put your body through the process of a colon cleansing, you’ll be able to inspect everything that you pass and take note of any parasites that were residing in your body.

The Results of Toxic Substances Building up in a Body

Our entire body can become massively overworked when there is an overabundance of toxins within it. Our lymphatic glands, kidneys, liver, colon, intestines, lungs, blood, and even our brains can become over strained due to the presence of these harmful substances. All of this strain and stress that is being caused naturally leads to the individual developing problems with their health. Some of these health problems are simple and can be gotten rid of easily, but others not so much. Many of these include addictions to alcohol and cigarettes, mood swings, PMS, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, skin irritation, lack of energy and motivation, allergies, fatigue, memory loss, and even slow recovery from simple exercises. Whenever our bodies start building up an overabundance of these toxic chemicals, it’s naturally going to result in both emotional and physical stress, and the majority of people who experience this believe that it is just them getting old and consider it to be normal. This isn’t the case however, and when you take part in a detox program you’re able to effectively eliminate all of this toxic buildup that’s in your body and experience the benefits of what a truly healthy body feels like. Following through can truly improve your quality of life.

The Benefits of a Detox Program

The majority of people who go through a complete our Phuket detox program are likely to notice the following improvements to their bodies:

  • Reduced body fat
  • Less Stomach Gas
  • improved digestion
  • a reduction in cravings to smoke cigarettes
  • a reduction in heartburn and indigestion
  • clearer thought process
  • much better sleep at night
  • healthier skin i.e. no more pimples, skin allergies, or dermatitis
  • fewer cravings for food
  • more energy
  • improvement in IBS and Candida symptoms
  • hemorrhoid relief
  • reduction in sensitivities to food and other allergens
  • healthier hair
  • fewer wrinkles
  • heightened sex drive
  • weight loss

Get these benefits and more with our Detox program in Phuket.