Muay Thai Training

Our training is great for everyone from Beginners to Intermediates and even Advanced. Even if you’ve never done Muay Thai before in your life, our trainers will quickly teach you the basics and you will be able to participate in the workout…

We have 3 main Muay Thai training options. You can choose from our Standard Training, VIP Training or our Muay Thai Program.

Our workout and training session is great whether you want to learn Muay Thai, or use it as a way to increase fitness, lose weight and get into shape.

Each session includes 1-on-1 time with one of the trainers. You’ll learn proper technique, you’ll burn excess bodyfat and you will dramatically increase your level of fitness.

Muay Thai Gym

The gym is built in the Traditional Thai-Style, using wood and thatching. Unlike the modern materials used in other gyms, our thatched roof allows the heat to pass through and leaves a cool training environment…

Inside, we have 2 full sized Muay Thai boxing rings. Sixteen Twinns heavy boxing bags and a range of smaller technique bags and other equipment.

We also have a Strength & Conditioning gym complete with weights, resistance and cardio machines.

The students training at our camp have full access to all our facilities. Even outside of scheduled training time you may use the bag’s, rings and any boxing equipment.

Daily Time Table

Morning VIP

Run circuit (3k – 8k)
Meet trainer, get ready
Stretch and loosen up
Shadow Box
VIP technique work
1-on-1 Padwork
Sparring with trainer
Strength and Conditioning, technique


15:20am: Run/Jogging
15:45pm: Get ready, put on hand-wraps
16:00pm: Loosen body, stretch, get heart rate up
16:15pm: Shadow Boxing (3×3)
16:25pm: Boxing Bag (5×5)
17:10pm: 1-on-1 Padwork (5×5)
17:35pm: Optional Sparring
18:00pm: Front Kicks, Bag Knee’s, Strength exercises
18:10pm: Stretch and cool down


If you are a Beginner, you will be taught the basic Muay Thai moves and technique alongside Fitness exercises.

All our trainers have years experience teaching Beginner’s Muay Thai.

The training will quickly help your body shed off unwanted bodyfat, increase your stamina and endurance, make you more co-ordinated, better balanced and more.

You will be taugh skills and techniques which are great for Self-Defense as well as taking part in the training sessions.


intermediatesIf you have already trained Muay Thai, Western Boxing or any other Martial Art before, then you can be trained as an Intermediate.

With the basics already covered, you will be taught more advanced techniques, clinching and tougher workout drills. The training for an Intermediate is more intense and will help you more quickly develop your body and fighting ability.

You will also find that there are many other students to train and spar with. This is one of the very best way’s to improve your skills fast.

Intermediates often become Advanced by living and training at our gym for just 3 months.


All our trainers are true Muay Thai professionals. They’ve each spent over 20 years training and fighting in the ring. Now they are top-class professional trainers who have spent at least 5 years each training Thai’s and foreigners.

If you want Advanced training in Muay Thai, you will find it at our gym. Whether you want to increase your fighting-ability for the ring, want to improve stand-up MMA game or become a Human-Weapon – we have the training you need.

Our trainers will teach you Advanced Thai-techniques and train you with their experience from fighting in the ring.

The Muay Thai Program

If you want a massive head-start in learning Muay Thai for the first time OR want to improve and take your skills to the next level… the Muay Thai Program is for you.

This is the ultimate in Muay Thai Training and Nutrition and will ensure that you dramatically improve fast.

Included in this program, is all your Food & Training. You will be trained hard everyday (Thai-style). You will eat only the most nutritious, high-energy foods – packed with protein, complex carbs, vitamins, minerals and more…

Muay Thai Training

I hope your ready for hard, intense training. Because the Muay Thai Program is just that…

Everyday you will take part in two Muay Thai sessions. The first focuses on proper technique for maximum power, accuracy and proper defense. The second, is a hard-core full body fitness and fight training.

You don’t have to fight and you will have no-pressure to do so. But you will be trained like a fighter. You will be pushed hard like a fighter and this will result in you becoming very very good at Muay Thai.

You’ll develop speed, power and accuracy. You’ll learn to strike with knees, elbows, kicks and punches. You’ll become a fighting-machine.

If you want, you can even spar and clinch with other students. This is a great way to learn! And if you do eventually decide you’d like to fight, we can arrange a fight for you at one of the local stadiums.

Whilst on this program, you have access to daily Fitness training. This will help to increase your strength and stamina for more power on the pads. AND, you will get unlimited access to our Strength & Conditioning gym which has Olympic barbells, dumb bells, kettle bells, pull up bars, fitness machines and more…

Power Diet…

When training like a fighter, you need to eat like a fighter.

Our Fighters Diet has been designed by a Certified nutritionist. It contains everything you need for maximum power in the gym. You’ll be bursting with energy and ready to take on anything.

Everyday, you will get 3 nutrition-packed meals and 1 power-shake.

The meals include the perfect amounts of Proteins, Complex Carbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Essential fatty acids and Anti-oxidants.

On this diet, you’ll recover fast between workouts and be ready to push yourself to the max. You’ll be amazed by how much energy you have when your eating a proper fighters diet.

When you’ve completed this program, you’ll have a lean, ripped fighters-body. You’ll feel powerful and confident and know exactly how to attack and defend yourself.

P.S this program works for everyone. Whether your a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced – this Program will help you dramatically increase your skills fast.

Got me into shape FAST!

Jun 21, 2012 by Robby (America)

my body is in such great shape after going thru this muay thai training program! totally awesome workouts with some of the best trainers i've had in Thailand!

first time muay thai

May 10, 2012 by jonny (UK)

This is a really top knotch program if your serious about learning muay thai. I came from a background of not doing anything like this before I was completely new to it all, and found that I picked it up very quickly. The trainers are kind and friendly and I felt that they truly cared about me and helped me a lot. Really very good and definitely coming back.

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Standard Training

Everyday you get:

  • 1 VIP Private training 1-on-1 with the trainer of your choice
  • 1 Group training with other students
  • Access to all and any of our Fitness activities
  • Full access to our Strength & Conditioning gym

The reason our Standard Training is so good, is because of the amount of 1-on-1 time with the Thai trainers it includes. Learning Thai Boxing from group sessions alone is very difficult. But because our Standard Training includes daily 1-on-1 private training – our students become much better at Muay Thai very quickly.

We’ve had students report learning more training here in just a few weeks, then they had at other gyms in months of hard training. The results achieved here are remarkable.

VIP Training

Do you want to train 1-on-1 with a Thai trainer? This is the best way to improve your technique, work on your weaknesses and develop your strengths.

Many Beginner’s start out with 1 month of VIP’s to learn proper technique, increase fitness and prepare themselves for the Standard Training or the Muay Thai Program.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength training and conditioning is an important part of any Muay Thai Program. We have the proper equipment to increase your strength, endurance, power, speed, co-ordination and more.

At our camp, you will receive the proper training which will transform your body and develop your skills.

After just 1 month of training like this, you will have burnt off most of your excess fat and developed noticeabey strength and muscle tone. If you train for 3 months or more, your entire body will have completed transformed into the new you.

Benefits of Muay Thai

  • Burns fat and develops your body. Men quickly get ripped six pack abs, women get lean sexy body’s.
  • Improves circulations and promotes optimal health.
  • Speed’s up resting Metabolic rate which helps burn fat (even when you sleep)
  • Improves sense of well being, self-confidence and security.
  • Increase lean muscle mass and develops muscle tone.
  • Increases your strength, stamina and endurance.
  • Makes you more flexible and agile
  • Makes you less prone to illness
  • Trains mental ability to act and reaction-time
  • Builds courage, determination and confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Develops intelligence and wisdom. These techniques are more than just a physical workout and means of attacking and defending. There is ancient Philosophy and Wisdom to be gained by training in this way.
  • Allows you to defend yourself against attack and protect yourself and others from danger. Knowing that you can always defend against attack allows you to relax, become more confident and be the real you.

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