Muay Thai Workout

The most popular sport in Thailand today is Muay Thai, or Thai boxing as it has been commonly called, and is growing in popularity throughout the world. While it is most popular in Thailand, there are several Southeast Asian destinations that practice this painstakingly hard form of martial arts. Since it has developed into a sport, it now varies quite a bit from the original ancient variety of Muay Boran, and even makes use of gloves that are similar in nature to those that you find traditional Western boxers wearing.

Anybody who is going over to Thailand to participate in the Muay Thai training is likely going to be trained under the standards that are allowed within the ring, but you can still find more traditional schools that will teach you all of the skills that are not allowed within the professional sport. While the majority of martial arts will just focus in on using your hands and feet, the art of Muay Thai has developed the name of the art of eight limbs because of all the different body parts that it makes use of for attacks. Students will be taught not only use their hands, but also their feet, elbows, knees, and shins. More traditional methods will even teach you how to use your head for striking your opponent.

Unlike the majority of different fighting sports that only allow you to use just your hands and your feet, anybody who is proficient with Muay Thai is able to use as many as eight different parts of their body for use in defending themselves or taking out their opponent. The art of Muay Thai has been around for ages, and throughout its history, the Thai army has made use of it extensively for the training of their troops and defending the country.

Besides the whole competition fighting thing involved with Muay Thai, you also have the incredible benefits of being able to get into great shape with Muay Thai workout. The majority of the instructors are going to cater the workout to the current physical conditioning of the individual, so pretty much everybody who has the desire can begin participating, and as they get into better shape, they can ramp up the training to become more physically intense. At this point, you can burn an extreme amount of calories quite rapidly.

The majority of the training camps are going to have Muay Thai training sessions that are similar in design, as they are going to begin with a period of warm-up, followed by some resistance training that usually involves lifting weights or something similar. You’ll then move on to what is known as a base workout where you will either participate in sparring, shadowboxing, or practice the new strikes you have been learning on dummy pads. After this base workout, you’ll then move on to a less intense cool down workout that’ll consist of light cardio activities.

In order to become proficient at the art of Muay Thai, it’s going to take a minimum of several years in order to master the techniques and get your body to a sufficient level of physical conditioning. For those individuals who already participate in one form of martial arts or another, taking on Muay Thai can only improve your abilities and help you to become better within the ring. A Muay Thai workout will exponentially increase your cardiovascular capabilities, and your lasting power. If you have the heart to take on this level of training, don’t hesitate as you will only benefit from everything  a Muay Thai session has to offer.

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Sounds like a super fun way to get fit and active.


Ever since seeing a match in Bangkok a few years ago, I have wanted to give it a shot. It’s so different to any other boxing I have seen.


Looks like an amazing way to burn calories, and have fun too. Are the classes safe for new comers?


I love any workout that has anything to do with kicking but. Not only does it burn alot of calories is also fun.


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