Muay Thai Training Camp

If you were trying to come up with something that actually compared to spending time within a Muay Thai training camp, then it is likely that the closest comparison would be akin to a boarding school. The reason that this is the closest comparison is because you will be living in the same facility where you’re going to be training, and it’s going to be a setting where you have individuals that are going to train you, which is similar to the teachers that you have within a boarding school. Another similarity is the fact that just like one of those schools, you’re also going to have to stick to a training schedule, which makes the comparison between the two quite accurate. If this is something that you want to do, then you need to prepare yourself mentally to be up to deal with this type of a live-in situation.

There are many different benefits that individuals who enroll in a Muay Thai camp can benefit from, and probably one of the biggest is the self discipline aspect. You also have the benefit of becoming extremely well fit due to the intensity of the training that takes place within these camps. After spending some time here, you’re going to notice that not only your strength, but also your agility is going to go through the roof. The name given to foreigners who come to Thailand to train to be a Muay Thai fighter is called “nak muay farang” in the Thai dialect, and those who study will not only develop a lean and muscular body, but also a stronger mind due to the difficulties of the training. It’s not uncommon for it to become so rigorous that the only way that you can make it through is to depend solely on the power of your mind and willpower in order to finish out the day. The trainers are also adept at building within their students a sense of courage and self-confidence that will allow them to be successful in many aspects of life, the least of which is the ring.

One of the really cool things about training at a Muay Thai training camp is the fact that the majority of the instructors have experienced great success within the boxing ring, and many of them are even champions. Becoming a champion in Muay Thai takes extreme dedication and determination from an individual, and due to that all of these instructors are going to set you on a course of training that will test you physically, mentally, and emotionally. The tempo and the environment of the training is all going to be dependent on the trainer, although there are some basic workout schedules that are fairly typical with the majority of the camps for somebody that is just starting out in the training. Listed below are all of the elements that you can expect menu first start your Muay Thai Training:

  1. Training to get your body warmed up which normally includes a little bit of shadowboxing, as it works well to get your heart rate elevated.
  2. Training of strength – the majority of the time these sessions are going to include hitting the weights.
  3. Bag and Pad training – five 3 minute rounds on the bags and five 3 minute rounds against the pads with a trainer.
  4. Training session of sparring – when you begin, the sparring is typically going to take place with your trainer, but as you progress, it’s not uncommon to get paired off with others in the camp.
  5. A cool down session – typically this cool down session is going to consist of some light cardiovascular training and low-impact routines.

As you get further within the course, you will also be able to work out with bags and pads, but this is only going to be after you have reached a certain point with your physical agility and fitness, and have become familiar with a variety of the different Muay Thai skills.

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What an incredible opportunity to train with people who are champions in the sport. Amazing!


Looks really amazing and fun! Would be great to share this experience with friends


I can see how living with others with similar interest as you can help you reach the best of your ability. The support of trainers and other fighters can help you stay on schedule and remain focus.


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