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rawai muay thaiThe study of Muay Thai goes back centuries within Thailand, and due to the popularity of it a large part of the economy of Thailand is based upon the draw of individuals who want to come to Thailand and increase their skills and abilities within this intense sport. Thai boxing is quite different than traditional Western boxing due to the fact that instead of just using your fists, it entails using your elbows, feet, knees, and fists which makes it an incredibly exciting sporting event to watch and has earned it the name eight limbs. You have to look hard to find a better location than Phuket to come and either train, or simply watch the matches of these highly skilled martial artists pounding each other in the ring. If you are a skilled, you can come and test those skills within the Phuket stadiums against some of the local competition.

For those individuals who wish to study Muay Thai in Phuket, there are no shortage of gyms available to choose from. Many of them also include the availability of studying in mixed martial arts as well, not to mention wrestling, boxing, and for those who are interested even martial arts like jujitsu. Currently there are five main gyms one can study Muay Thai in Phuket, including Sinbi, Dragon, Top Team, Tiger, and Rawai, and if you feel like you’ve developed skills far enough, you can even test your skills within the ring and earn some money from your first debut match. In order to find a gym that would likely be a good fit for you, a great place to look is on many of the different web forums where there are people talking about happenings in the area. If you want to study in the mixed martial arts in Phuket, there are only two gyms that are going to offer these currently, including Tiger, and Top Team, but there is another one scheduled to open in a few months that may also have this option as well.

It is really not that expensive to train full-time in Phuket as you’re only going to end up paying between eight and 9500 baht, which equals out to between 250 and $300 a month US, and you have the option to train up to three times a day if you can take that kind of punishment. All of the people who come to train in Muay Thai and mixed martial arts in Phuket end up developing a deep friendship with everybody that they train with, and many of those people who come to only stay for a short period of time end up extending their stay for much longer due to this.

Undertaking this type of intensive training program isn’t going to fit in with everybody’s personality and lifestyle, but if you just want to go there to hang out and watch some fierce competition, then there are lots of opportunities to do so in Phuket. If you plan a visit to Patong, which is known as the party capital of Phuket, you can check out one of the biggest stadiums for Muay Thai within the whole of Phuket, and it’s only going to cost around 600 baht for a night of fun. Plan on being there at about nine o’clock in the evening with the events lasting for several hours afterwards. Anybody who is planning on visiting Thailand and wants to experience the culture at its best needs to take the time to watch some of these Muay Thai bouts simply because it is such a large part of the lifestyle of the Thai people. In fact, you can hardly pick up a magazine or newspaper without seeing something about the Muay Thai events that are going on, so for either training, or entertainment, you’ll not go wrong with Phuket Muay Thai.

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Thanks that was a really interesting read. I have trained muay thai in phuket before and have to say that I very much enjoyed my time. I notice this is a camp too and I wuld very much like to come and stay and train with you in the near future. I espcially like that you have detox so that I can cleanse before I start training hard.


Where abouts did you train originally? I am always on the look out for new ways to get fit!


Great summary. I knew thai boxing was popular in Thailand but didn’t realize so many people traveled there to train. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime.


I have never heard of this but it looks pretty interesting. Thee hundred box is kind of expensive especially in these times.


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