Located on the tip of Phuket, Thailand Camp has some of the best beaches on the island.

The camp is nested in the hillside, just 5 minutes walk from the beach. There is a cool sea breeze that sweeps through the camp and makes for a cool, fresh training environment.

The camp and surrounding area is filled with tropical plants, banana tree’s and coconut palms. Plants produce oxygen, which means the camp is filled with pure fresh air.

The water flowing in the camp is from our own well. This makes it far cleaner than the normal tap-water that the rest of Thailand uses for washing and “cleaning”. Whilst you still can’t drink the water, it is a LOT cleaner then anywhere else.

On camp, we have a Muay Thai Boxing Gym, Strength & Fitness Gym, Yoga Studio, Health Food Restaurant and Accommodation Area.


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We can arrange an airport pickup to pick you up at the airport and transport you and your luggage to our camp. Contact us to arrange.

Thailand Camp
91/19 Moo 6, Viset Road, Rawai, Muang Phuket Thailand 83100 Rawai ภูเก็ต 83100‎
087 471 1351 thailandcamp.com | Google Map | Facebook | Twitter

Open: 7:00 am – 9:00 pm / Monday – Sunday

Mountain Biking

mountain biking trailPhuket is one of the best places for mountain biking in Thailand. For just 100 baht per day, you can rent out one of our top of the range mountain bikes and explore the island.

You can ride up hills and look out over Phuket from view points. You can duck down to pristine white sandy beaches and hidden coves.

Or, you can choose to take it easy and ride along the beaches taking in the sights and enjoying the sun.

It’s great for losing weight, increasing strength and fitness…

Mountain biking up and down hills builds up leg strength and will tone up your quad, calf and glut muscles. It will also strengthen your tendons and make for healthier stronger muscles.

Whats more, it improves your cardiovascular system, strengthens your heart, increases stamina, burns over 300 calories per hour, improves coordination and reduces stress.


running near the campOur location is great for all kinds of running and sprinting.

We have our infamous 5km Run, which takes you past Ya Nui beach, then up a very steep hill to Rawai viewpoint, then along the top of the hill and down again back to our camp.

We are also very close to Nai Harn beach, which is very long and great for running. Ya Nui and Rawai beach are good too.

You can do cross country running, up the hills, through the jungle and along the beach. If you want you can do very long distance running, 10km and even 15km runs.

The tops of the hills are long and flat which make for good places to do sprints. Doing sets of sprints in intervals is an excellent way to quickly increase your fitness.

If your not into running, you can hike or walk. These are also good for increasing fitness and working up to jogging and eventually running.

Phuket Travel Guide

This is a beautiful island paradise that has stunning coastline, spectacular natural sights, and plenty to do for every individual taste including shopping, outdoor sports, and a vibrant nightlife.

You’ll have the ability to travel to and explore all of the smaller islands that can be easily reached by boat. It’s also very easy to reach the mainland from Phuket which is located just to the north over a bridge, and everything is easily accessible.

Reach the Beach in Minutes

You’re not going to find many island destinations that are going to have the same abundance of clear waters and sandy beaches that you’ll find in Phuket. You can easily reach all of the world-class beaches by traveling along the winding coastal roads that offer stunning views along the way. You can find any type of setting you like on the island of Phuket, whether it be the very frenetic atmosphere of Patong, or the remote tranquility that can be experienced by visiting the beaches to the north. All sun seekers will have something to enjoy in this wonderful island paradise. If you are a swimmer, you’ll need to be careful and pay attention to posted warnings in the months of May through October since this is the monsoon season and conditions can be quite unpredictable.

Rawai Beach

During the early years of Phuket, before there was quality roads to be traveled, most of the inhabitants would travel the 17 km to Rawai on the weekends in order to relax on the beach beneath the casuarina trees that line the beaches and waters. Due to this, Rawai has been given the distinction of being the first tourist beach on Phuket.

Today you’ll find a much different environment in Rawai than in those days as it is now become a working beach and a launching point for many of the boat excursions that depart for the surrounding islands. You can find a large number of long tail boats that are waiting to be hired along the shores to take travelers to one of the many islands that are close by. These include Koh Lone, Racha Island, and Coral island which is a wonderful place to go fishing or snorkeling. You’ll also find that this is a place where many of the local fishermen moor up their boats.

There is no lack of entertainment or accommodations in Rawai as there are a couple of five star resorts to choose from including the Mangosteen and the Evason. Another thing that is very attractive about this area is the laid-back attitude of the locals who are a large majority of the ex-pat population who live in Phuket. Some of the favorite places to hang out at night include Friendship Beach, which is over towards Chalong, and the many beachfront bars along Rawai.

Ya Nui Beach

Between two of the Phuket’s most beautiful viewpoints you will find lying in the shadows the beautiful beach of Ya Nui. In order to get an overview of the beach, just look for the viewpoint that has the large white wind powered generators, and Phrom Thep, and you’ll be there.

This little Cove Beach offers some wonderful opportunities for kayaking, fishing, and snorkeling. If you get there during the height of the tourist season, you can find vendors who have their sun loungers lined up for the purpose of renting them out at the price of 200 baht a set. For those interested, you can also rent any of the toys that you need including kayaks, body boards, fans, and masks all for prices that are quite reasonable.

If you get hungry while visiting at this time of year, you can also eat at the ad hoc restaurant. It’s perfect for families who have children as well as they can have a lot of fun on the soft sands of this beach collecting seashells.

A short 700 m off of this beach is the island of Koh Keyao Noi, and you’ll also see many of the beautiful yachts moored up just off the coast. If you feel so inclined, it’s easy to paddle out and explore the coral reefs, or visit Nai Harn which is relatively close by. If you are in the area when the weather is rough, it can be quite fascinating to watch the fishermen climb up the rocks to cast off their lines, or cast their nets into the ocean while braving the waves.

Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn is one of the most popular beaches where the locals hang out. This place provides a relatively tranquil place only offering a couple of different hotels. The main one is The Royal Phuket Yacht Club, which is a really popular place for boats to anchor up in the height of tourist season.

The best time to come to this location for swimming is in the months of November to April, and if you are visiting is in May to October, you need to be careful since there can be a lot of strong under tows. For those people that love to take in sunsets over beaches, the restaurants that are located right at the top of the beach offer an excellent location to do so.

Nai Harn,located north of Ya Nui, is a favorite attraction of many divers and snorkelers. If you are looking for a different out-of-the-way spot, you might check out the tiny beach of Ao Sane, which is another really wonderful spot to go snorkeling. In order to get to this little spot, all you have to do is follow the road that starts at the Royal Phuket yacht club car park.

Activities to Take Part in Near Camp

One of Phuket’s best kept secrets is the little beach village of Rawai, and there is very little development when you compare it with the rest of the island. Anyone who comes to this little community will likely be struck by the friendly small-town atmosphere that it evokes, as well as the many modern facilities that one would expect in a tourist destination. This is also home to many of the ex-pats who like the area due to those qualities. There are a variety of different activities in this beautiful little town including relaxing, learning how to cook Thai food, island hopping, horse riding, and even more.

Rawai Cape

Rawai Cape is a destination that photographers love to visit due to the breathtaking beauty of the area. Anybody who’s paying attention can watch the tour buses and other vehicles traveling through Rawai beach in order to head up that southernmost hill to get a view of the beautiful sunsets that happen every night. When you get up to the top of the hill, you’ll find a busy parking where all the vehicles can park and let off the scores of tourists from all over the world. This is an absolutely wonderful destination that provides a completely free show every night which is absolutely breathtaking, the sunset.

This isn’t all there is to Rawai Cape by any stretch of imagination however, as Promthep also has a lighthouse which any history buff would love. It is full of historical maritime artifacts and provides spectacular views spanning from the East to the Southeast of the island and beyond. This is a great place to escape the heat due to the fantastic air conditioner inside, but if you go up to the balcony which is outdoors, you can see in the distance the phi phi Islands, Koh Racha Noi, and Koh Racha Yai on a clear day. You’re not limited to those however, as there are tons of nearer islands that you can view such as Koh Kiaow which has a well-known Buddhist monastery on it.

Batik Painting

It’s not uncommon for artists to move to Phuket in order to take advantage of the stunning landscapes, and Apinan Tovankasame is no exception to the rule. Originally he came from Bangkok, but he has no intention of ever moving back. His main intention was to come to the islands to teach at the local college, but later set up Baan Batik through which he sells his art both wholesale and retail.

Rawai Boat Rentals

Many different movies have been made in the Andaman Sea because of the alluring charm that it presents. Some of the most well-known ones include Cutthroat Island, the Beach, and many different James Bond movies. One of the best ways to explore all of the Phuket surrounding islands is to rent out a boat and travel where ever you like each day.

If you are looking for a place to charter a yacht, then you might try Big A Yachting & Resort Tel: +66 (0) 76-383080, which is located in Soi Sermsuk. This isn’t hard to find as it is just a little ways from Chalong circle when you’re traveling to Rawai beach. If you’re not inclined to charter a yacht, then you may be more interested in hiring one of the many taxi speedboats, or the long tail boats that are so prevalent on Rawai beach. These can be rented for a whole day, or half a day, which allows you to visit many of the smaller islands that are nearby like Koh Lone, Koh Racha, Koh Hae.

Riding Horses in Rawai

When you are traveling on your way to Rawai, you can find a good horse riding program near the Lemon gas station. It’s located on the Viset road about 1.5 km S. Of Chalong Circle, and is known as the Phuket riding club. They’re well known for their safety procedures, and you can buy many different packages for reasonable prices. All of these packages include pickup and transfer.

Phuket Sports and Tennis Club

For those who are into taking in some indoor or outdoor sports on their vacations, then it’s likely that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at the privately owned Phuket Sports and Tennis Club. They have all the equipment that you need to play games from beach volleyball, tennis, badminton, croquet, darts, pool, petanque, and even fishing. They also have the Outback Bar and a restaurant serving both European and Thai food. You can feel comfortable bringing your family to this location since there are family areas providing charcoal and gas-fired barbecues which allow you to either bring your own food, or buy it from the bar. All the public is welcome to the Phuket sports and tennis club and membership is not required.

Herbal Saunas

If you are looking for a wonderful way to improve your body and your mind, then you can take advantage of the herbal sauna that has become well known for the alleged healing powers it offers. Some of these healing properties come from herbs such as galangal which cures diseases of the skin, kefir lime fruit and leaves which is really good for your hair, and lemon grass which is great for relieving stress. It’s easy to find the standard herbal saunas and massage centers as they are located all over Rawai, but you can also take advantage of the ones that are listed below.

Thai Massage

No trip to Thailand would ever be complete if it wasn’t accompanied by a traditional Thai massage or an herbal sauna. There isn’t any better place to get one of these treatments than Phuket as it seems there are new businesses in this industry opening up regularly. A good Thai massage is a wonderful way to relieve many maladies that are associated with poor sleep, jet lag, and stiff muscles. It’s also been believed to boost the immune system.

Top Phuket Activities

If you are planning a vacation to Phuket, and you’re thinking that it’s just going to consist of endless beaches, then you’ll have a pleasant surprise. The island has a very rich heritage that consists of a multitude of temples, Sino colonial architecture, and an old town area that is definitely worth taking the time to visit.

If you are a nature lover, there are plenty of beautiful areas where you can visit to view the local plant life. If you’re interested in the sea life of the area, you can easily go and see it at the Phuket aquarium at Cape Panwa, and you never have to go in the water to do so.

If you’re into catching a good fight, you can go and watch some of the Muay Thai boxing matches, or if you are into the wildlife, then you’re not goint to find anything wilder than visiting Patong’s infamous Bangla road. This place comes alive after the sun goes down, and is well-known for the friendly girls and flagrant debauchery. If you are into photography, then it’s worth going up in the hills of Phuket as there are some incredible viewpoints that you can truly get that picture of a lifetime.

Phang Nga Bay

One of the things that you’ll find in Phang Nga Bay are the sheer limestone cliffs that stick straight up out of the emerald green water. There are two other islands in this bay which are quite famous , and they are James Bond Island, and Koh Panyee. If you’re not into the large crowds, but you want to truly take in these breathtaking locations, then it’s highly recommended that you hire out one of the boat trips that are offered at the northern end of Phuket.

You’ll have a lot better experience cruising through the dramatic limestone islands with the occasional stop at a beach than you ever will taking the typical bus tour.

Old Phuket Town

Phuket town is quite a bit different than many of the other Thai provincial capitals, and it has a lot of personality that you’re not going to find anywhere else. It is full of historical shrines, Buddhist temples, and ornately preserved shop houses. You’ll also find quaint cafes, public and private museums, printing shops, and even a small ex-red light district which you can stroll through if you’re interested.

Phuket Old Town was originally built due to the riches that came in during the last century from the tin industry when it was considered a valuable commodity. There’s a wide variety of grandiose Sino-colonial mansions in this area that were all occupied by the tin barons of Phuket over 100 years ago. It’s easy to spend the day strolling through Phuket old town, and it’s considered best to do it either in the early morning, or in the evening after the heat of the day. You need not worry about bringing your own lunch when going on a stroll through this area since there are plenty of restaurants and cafes.

Soi Bangla

Soi Bangla is known as one of the liveliest party zones in the entire district, and it only comes alive after the sun sets. At this time, all of the roads are closed off and the action begins. It is well known for its raunchy nightlife, and the entertainment that it provides in plenty is the girls, beer, and music that gets increasingly louder as the moon gets higher in the sky. This area is typically jammed packed most nights of the year, and despite that, it is actually quite unthreatening to those who choose to walk around. This is mostly because all of the bars are competing for the different customers business.

The girls are extremely friendly and they want to please. They do this by pole dancing, coaxing the customers into playing some bar games like “hammer the nail”, or “connect”.Their hope is to both get you to buy more drings and spend the night with you.

The music is really loud on the street as most of the bars are outdoors. Beers takes up the majority of districts length, but you’ll also find several pubs, restaurants, discos, and shops so that everybody’s needs are catered to.

Phuket Simon Cabaret

This is an attraction that has become well known all over Southeast Asia and provides a spectacular display of color, fun, and originality. It’s not uncommon for there to be thousands of visitors attending one of these shows each night, and you can expect to see musical theater from a wide variety of different cultures around the world.

The show will take you on a trip from Latin America to Egypt to China and then back to Thailand again all with extravagant costumes, makeup, and sets with a cast that is professional at all of the different classical dances and songs from the different cultures.

Wat Chalong

One of the most important symbols across the scope Thailand are the Buddhist temples, or what is known as a “Wat”. This is primarily because the majority of the population of Thailand is Buddhist, and also because they are quite beautiful in their architecture. For those who are interested in this type of architecture, you’ll not be disappointed by the amount of temples that are in Phuket, as there are 29 in total spread around the different areas of the island.

Wat Chalong has been around for over a century, and they are well known for providing warm welcomes for all of the people who come and visit. They take every opportunity they can to share with Westerners about Buddhism and the locals also visit the temple to pray. You’ll find this temple open from seven o’clock in the morning to five o’clock in the afternoon if you’re interested in visiting while you’re there.

Big Buddha

Sitting atop the Nakkerd hills in between Chalong and Kata is one of the most revered and important landmarks in all Phuket, and that is the Big Buddha. The image is huge, standing at 45 m, and it is easily seen from a long distance away.

When you get up to the site, you will be impressed by the view that you are presented with as it spans 360° around the island. If you’re in Phuket, it’s absolutely essential that you visit this island destination, and it is easy to reach being just a short 6 km trip off of Phuket’s main artery.

Watch a Muay Thai Fight

This spectator sport that has been growing greater in popularity around the world in recent years, but which has been one of the most popular spectator sports in Thailand for years is the martial art of Muay Thai. If you ever catch one of these fights on TV, you’ll find it quite exciting, but when you see all of the serious punches, lethal kicks, crushing elbow strikes, and the artful feints in person, you’ll be even more impressed.


Some of the views that Phuket has are absolutely astonishing, and if you are somebody who loves to paint landscapes, then there’s no doubt you’ll be rushing out to grab your easel and brushes so that you can capture these landscapes on canvas. The wonderful thing about Phuket however is that you don’t have to travel long distances to view all of these stunning landscapes. It doesn’t matter whether you want to take in a 360° panorama of the entire island, find the best places to watch the sunset, or visit the tropical lushness of the forests, as it is all just minutes away from any particular spot in Phuket, and all you need is transportation.

How you view all of these landscapes is going to be a matter of personal preference however, since you can opt to view it all from the outside in by taking a yacht or a boat tour, or you can view it all from the top of the high mountains. In the interest of catering to both tastes, here is a list of some of the best of what Phuket has to offer for all the viewpoints.


If you wish to catch the island’s biggest show, then you absolutely have to see the Phuket FantaSea. This is an absolutely amazing show that has trapeze artists, hundreds of performers, performing elephants and other animals, and an amazing storyline that blends fantasy with tradition. This is going to provide you with a truly wonderful evening experience, so don’t miss it. The show is not where the extravaganza ends however, as you’ll also find one of the largest buffets in Asia, all in a theme park setting with carnival-like games, plenty of shopping opportunities, an elephant Palace, and a Similian adventure center that has many different food outlets. This is a value that you don’t want to miss out on due to the extravagant, spectacular, and impressive nature of it.


If you see all that there is on Phuket, which is highly unlikely, you may be interested in checking out some of the surrounding islands which have a plentiful supply of their own unique sights. All of these are easily accessible by boat, typically within an hour, and they all have excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities. Even if you don’t love snorkeling and diving, you can take advantage of that sandy beaches and waste away the day relaxing in the sun.

If you want to reach these island destinations, all you have to do is charter yourself and island hopping tour boat, or hire yourself a long tail boat. Many of these islands do offer accommodations, some of which are very exclusive, and others quite rustic.

Phi Phi Island

Out of all Thailand’s islands, phi phi is the superstar. There have been many movies made on this island, and it is a typical conversation topic for people traveling all over Thailand. Many people think that phi phi is the only reason to even come to Phuket, and despite all the hype it never disappoints.

One of the things that is most attractive about Phi phi is the incredible beauty of it. When you start approaching the island by boat, it comes out of the sea like a fortress with sheer cliffs towering overhead, then that gives way to an amazing beachfront jungle. It’s truly stunning.

The next reason why this island is so loved is because of the attitude. It’s likely that there isn’t any other place on the planet that is nearly as laid-back as these two islands. This is because one of them is completely uninhabited (Phi Phi Leh), and because the other one doesn’t have any roads at all(Phi Phi Don). Nobody who visits these islands has any schedule, so there isn’t any hustle and bustle, and nobody is ever in a hurry.

Another really great thing about Phi Phi is its affordability. Many times when you try to travel to a location that is as beautiful as this one, it is normally only affordable by the ultra rich, but that really isn’t the case with phi phi as there is something that everybody can afford. It might actually be surprising to you that you can get a perfect beachfront room for way less than you would ever expect.

Koh Maphrao (Coconut Island)

This island is very close to the East Coast of Phuket, and can be reached within 5 min. by long tail boat. It is an incredibly peaceful place that has many Agra-tours that take place, and many of the families allow tourists to stay in their homes. There are plenty of exploration opportunities by boat through the vast mangrove forests that are prevalent on this island.

Naka Yi

There is only one small village on Naka Yai over on the west side of the island, but it is quickly changing from a community fishing village into an exclusive resort destination.

When you visit the eastern shores of not Naka Yai, you can experience the breathtaking views out across Phang Nga Bay, and walk along the broad and sandy beaches. When you visit the longest speech over on the East side, you can take advantage of the umbrella and chair rentals and even buy yourself some snacks at a small snack counter. This is a very common destination for day trippers, and fills up fast in the afternoons.

This is a prime location for individuals who like to swim, sunbathe, and walk along the beach, sincethere isn’t much else to do. If you plan on staying the day, it’s recommended to bring your own food.

Naka Noi

Naka Noi is another island near Phuket which is known as the “Pearl Island” where they grow the incredibly rare and famous South Sea pearls. No trip to Naka Noi would ever be complete without touring the pearl farm as it will provide you with the chance to see how all these beautiful pearls are developed and extracted.

Koh Yao

Right in the middle of Phang Nga Bay, equidistant from both Phuket and the Krabi mainland are the islands of Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai. Despite how fast Koh Yao Noi is being developed, it still remains a quiet area of refuge well away from the crowded streets of Phuket.

Koh Yao Noi is the best-known of these two islands due to the fact that in 2002 it received the world Legacy award for destination stewardship from the National Geographic traveler magazine, and Conservation International. This island and its inhabitants were given this award because of the echo friendly homestay programs that they so generously offer to tourists and travelers.

There are a wide variety of activities that you can take advantage of on Koh Yao including kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, hiking, as well as some agricultural demonstrations that take place.

Before you visit either of these islands however, it’s important that you take some cash out of your bank account because neither of these islands have banking facilities. If you need it however, you will be able to find Internet service, restaurants, and the occasional shop on Yao Noi. One of the shops is a brand-new 7-11 that has a really nice air-conditioning system providing a nice area to get out of the heat and cool down while grabbing some ice cold drinks and ice cream. While it is a good idea to have cash on you on these islands, you might not actually need it as there aren’t very many opportunities to spend it. It’s important to note that the locals on the island are really keen on preserving their traditional ways, so you need to respect that. This includes dressing modestly, and not drinking alcohol out in public. Drinking should only be done in the restaurants or resource actually cater to visitors.

Coral Island

Koh Hae as it is locally known, or coral island, is one of the truly beautiful getaway destinations by Phuket. It’s just a short 3 km to the southeast and doesn’t take long to reach by boat. The main features of the island are two long beaches, known as Long Beach, and Banana Beach.

It was named coral island for a reason, and anybody who is into snorkeling and diving will be thrilled by the impressive coral reef that is present when they travel out far enough from the beach. This offers plenty of opportunity for underwater exploration.

Racha Islands

If you travel just a short 12 km south of Phuket, you will run into the Racha islands, or Raya as it is pronounced. These islands are best known by day trippers for their excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities. The opportunities for staying on these islands is expanding however as Racha Yai has been developing a number of bungalows and resort locations over the recent years.

Anybody who arrives at Racha Yai gets to experience a splendid arrival onto pristine white sand beaches located within a long U-shaped bay known as Ao Tawan Tok, or Ao Bungalow. These waters are perfect for snorkelers and divers as they are crystal clear, though it is a very common location for lots of boats to visit in the afternoons. There is anotherlarge bay on the island called Ao Siam, and if you get to go over there, you will be able to experience some quiet strolls along the beach.

If you go over to Racha Noi, you’re not going to find any types of services or accommodations, but if that’s not an issue there are some great diving opportunities.

Koh Sirey

Over on the East side of Phuket town you will find Koh Sirey, and it really feels more like a cape than it does an island. It’s not a very large island, and only covers about 20 km², and for those who want to get out of construction areas, this is a good spot. It does have a road however that travels through the leafy East side area, which is a really nice experience as it takes you through the rubber plantations. It’s kind of reminiscent of what Phuket was like 20 years ago.

One of the things that you don’t want to miss on this small island is the abalone farm that esists along the coast. It has a restaurant with a view that looks out over Phuket’s East Coast islands and Sapam Bay. There is also a wide variety of golden Buddhas and sea gypsies on Sirey. If you go over by the mangrove swamp, you can also find a recreation park there where you can watch the locals feed the wild monkeys each night.

Koh Panyee

It’s a perfectly clear and warm day, and the weather couldn’t be any better to take a boat trip. We are currently on Phang Nga Bay, and our destination is the world-famous Koh Panyee. The trip we are embarking on isn’t very long, as it’s only 20 min. by long tail boat from where we embarked at Surakul peer in the province of Phang Nga.

This is a common sight that everybody takes in when they fly into Phuket, and the village almost seems like it’s floating in a magical island paradise. Whenever I see it, it just makes me ponder on what it would be like to live in such a place. When we visited this beautiful island of Panyee, we came to understand the full meaning of what the phrase “a simple life” truly means.

This is a pretty cool video that gives you an idea about the island of Phuket.

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