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In my opinion, all of the fighting techniques that have been developed over the centuries have been designed for one primary purpose, and that is for self-defense, although obviously that isn’t sole reason. If there weren’t ever a need to protect yourself, then there likely wouldn’t be any need for a majority of the fighting styles, but today regardless of the fact that most people don’t feel threatened enough to need to defend themselves within their everyday lives, we have made a sport of martial arts practices like Muay Thai in order to compete against one another. The fundamentals of Muay Thai go much further than simply learning how to fight however, since there is a system of morality and self-control that every practitioner of Muay Thai needs to live by, whether they are a professional competitor, or just somebody who wishes to learn the art. These are listed below:

  • Always be ready to help another individual
  • Always be courteous and respectful towards other individuals
  • Never be a bother to other people, or aggravate them by your behavior
  • Never lie to yourself or to other people
  • Always have patience in a situation, and never become disheartened
  • Always be on time, and protect the good name of your respective training camp
  • When in a competition, never take undue advantage of the individual you are competing against
  • Always uphold and obey the laws of the land

Standard Muay Thai training never involves the use of any type of weapons other than what are already a part of your body. Traditionally it has always consisted of making use of one’s elbows, knees, fists, feet, and head as weapons for defending yourself. Today you are not allowed to make use of your head within a professional sporting event, however these techniques are still taught in Muay Thai camps as methods for protecting yourself outside of a competition.

Vocabulary Terms for the Different Muay Thai Training Techniques

Muay Thai has a variety of different terms that are related to the different parts of the body in relation to the different types of combat techniques they are used for.

Body Parts

  • For Fist, the word is Mud
  • For Elbow, the word is Sork
  • For Knee, the word is Khao
  • For Feet, the word is Tao


  • For Punch, is Chok
  • For Elbow Strike, is Tee Sork, or Fun Sork
  • For Knee Kick, is Tee Khao
  • For Kick, is Tae
  • For Foot Thrust, is Theeb

If you’re planning on going to a training camp at some point, then you’re going to have to learn some of the other vocabulary words that will be used frequently as well. While each of the different teachers, or Kru as they are traditionally called, may differ slightly between each other in the terminology, most of them have pretty much the same meaning and concepts behind them the words they use. Listed below are all of these different terms which you’ll need to pick up on:

  • Jod: This is the fighting stance within Muay Thai, and when you assume it, you should be ready for combat.
  • Wong Nai: This is a combat technique in which you try to stay near to the adversary.
  • Wong Nok: This is a combat technique in which you attempt to keep your distance from your adversary.
  • Sueb Tao: This is a term meaning to proceed forward
  • Mae Mai: This is the term for assaulting your opponent using Muay Thai skills
  • Look Mai: This is any attack skill that is derived from the techniques used in Muay Thai
  • Mai Tai: This is a term related to the use of attack methods meant to kill the adversary for which there are no means of defense.
  • Thoy: This is a term for moving away from the adversary in preparation for defending yourself.
  • Koo Tor Su: This is the term used for your opponent.
  • Chang Wa: Opportunity for assaulting your adversary
  • Na Kaeng: this is your Shin
  • Kad: This term means the same as guard, and signifies the raising of your arms into a position that is ready for either attack or defense.

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Cool. I really like the holistic approach to, well, everything in the Thai culture. The boxing, the massage, the yoga-even just reading about it makes me feel more well rounded. I would love to give my husband a gift voucher for a few lessons in this for his birthday. This is just the sort of thing he would love.


Wow, I had no idea the depth behind Thai boxing had this level of depth. The morality part looks really interesting. Those codes of conduct are impressive and honorable


I think it’s very important for people to learn different style of self defense. You never know what situation your skills will be most vauluable.


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