outside Thailand Camp in Rawai, PhuketThailand Camp is the 1st and Only camp in Phuket that provides Detox, Yoga, Muay Thai, Fitness & Weight Loss Programs.

We provide all kinds of health and fitness holidays, for all kinds of people. We take everyone from Beginners to Advanced and fit a program to you specifically.

Our camp is a short walk from 3 pristine white sandy beaches and surrounded by National Reserve land.

If you’re ready to make a change, then get in contact with us right now with your Name, Email and what your Interested in…

Training & Nutrition Programs:

Designed by Pro Fitness Trainer & Certified Nutritionist, these programs get results fast. Find the program that you’re interested in, contact us now for more details and to reserve your place…

Detox Program

Detox Thailand Camp
The human body accumulates toxins which, over time, become very toxic for the body. Our Detox cleanses and rejuvenates your system…

Detox Program →

Weight Loss

The Weight Loss Program is a certified Diet and Training plan which quickly strips off stubborn fat and will transform your body…

Weight Loss Program →

Yoga Program

Thailand Camp Yoga program
Stretch, strengthen and heal your body with the ancient discipline of Yoga. Provides an abundance of benefits for both mind and body…

Yoga Program →


Why Choose Our Camp?

Thailand Camp is a unique health and fitness experience on Phuket island. We pride ourselves on helping our guests achieve their goals, with our Detox, Diet and Training Programs.

Here’s some of the reasons why…

    fit body

  • Complete Fitness Training
  • Health Food Dieting
  • The Location
  • Self Defense
  • Weight Loss
  • Learn Muay Thai
  • Fasting & Detox Cleansing
  • Men Develop Ripped Six Pack Abs
  • Women Get Lean Well Shaped Body’s
  • Look & Feel Healthy
  • Family Holiday’s
  • Endurance Training
  • Boot Camp
  • Beach Body
  • Self control & Discipline
  • Increased Self-Confidence
  • To Have Fun!

There are so many reasons to come and train at our camp.

One of the great things that many of our guests notice, is the friendly atmosphere and environment.

Our camp is for people who want to get the physical benefits of exercise and Health food dieting, in a fun and friendly place.

You’ll find our staff, trainers and guests friendly and welcoming. Everybody is here because they want to get in shape and have fun.

If you are ready to push yourself hard in the gym, stick to your diet plan and get a good night sleep – you will quickly reach your goals at our camp.

Diet, Nutrition & Detoxification

“Massive Energy in the Gym; Delicious Foods which Burn Fat…”

2 guests with coconutThe diet plan that you follow is CRITICAL. It’s even more important when your training here in the Tropics.

The foods that you eat, will make or break your success in the gym. If your diet isn’t right… you will crash in the workout.

  • If your eating too many sugars and fast-carbs, you’ll have low energy and put on weight
  • If you don’t eat enough whole-proteins, your muscle will break down and recovery will be slow
  • If you don’t get your complex-carbs, you’ll lack energy
  • If you don’t get the essential vitamins and minerals you could be out of training for some time
  • If you don’t recover with electrolytes like Green Coconuts (served on camp) you recover slower and can feel tired

Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Our Health Food restaurant serves high protein, slow-carb meals all day. We also have over 100 different diet & protein shakes, raw food, snacks and full meals for increasing energy and losing weight.

You can rest assured that when you train at our camp, you feel Energetic, Powerful and Motivated. You’ve got all the carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals in your system. You’ve got all the Fuel you need to push yourself hard in the gym and achieve results.

Naturally lose weight with delicious and nutritious eating… read more →

Detox & Body Cleansing

“Rejuvenated and filled with Energy… Renewed Mind, Body & Soul…”

detoxification Thailand CampDue to bad diet, pollution and pesticides – Detoxing is now essential.

Detoxification eliminates and neutralizes Toxins in the skin, kidneys, lymph, colon, liver and lungs.

Nowadays, Detoxing is something that everybody should do. The air we breath is more polluted than ever. The food’s we eat have pesticides and chemicals in them. The water we drink is “treated” with chemicals.

These chemicals cause Toxin build-up and can cause many illnesses/diseases including: Cancer, Weight Gain / Obesity, Acne, Depression and the list goes on.

The Solution?

Cleanse your body with our Detox Program. Rid Toxins to Prevent Illness, Lose Weight & Feel Great! read more →

after detox at Thailand Camp

Detox Plus Package

Starting with a Detox is highly recommended.

The Detox Plus Package, includes a 4-day Detox + The Fitness, Weight Loss or Yoga Program.

Starting with the Detox, will cleanse and revitalize your body. It will prepare you mentally and physically.

It will optimize and energize your body. It will give you the energy and motivation you need, to push yourself in the gym and reach success…

It is an extremely popular choice amongst our guests and one we highly recommend.

Yoga Class

“Improved Strength, Flexibly & Posture…”

yoga at Thailand CampYoga is known all over the world, as one of the best all-around fitness and therapeutic exercises. By taking our Yoga class here in Phuket, you will notice the difference in just day’s.

Our guests report higher energy, positive attitude and relief from stress and pains in the body. On top of these benefits, you’ll have improved flexibility, better blood circulation and feelings of well-being and happiness.

We have a full Yoga Studio at our camp devoted to training Yoga. Our Yoga teachers are certified and have years of experience teaching beginners to advanced. Everyone is welcome to the classes.

Fitness Training

“Noticeably Toned Body; Increased Strength & Flexibility…”

Phuket fitness trainers at Thailand CampFocusing on full body Fitness, we have different Fitness programs and Weight Loss workouts designed and tested to deliver results.

We have the latest Fitness equipment and training programs. As well as the traditional time-tested training methods.

We have a full sized Yoga studio, where we hold daily Yoga classes (from beginners to advanced).

Our different Fitness classes are ideal for burning fat, building muscle tone, increasing stamina and endurance, maintaining optimal health and so much more.

We have different styles of fitness training to suit your needs. We have high intensity interval training (HIIT), programs for increasing muscle mass and strength, bootcamp style fitness, cardio, endurance training and more…

Weight Loss

“Lean Healthy Body; No More Ugly Belly Fat…”

Weight Loss training and dieting is what we specialize in. We’ve helped people from all over the world take control of their lives and reach their weight loss goals.

If you’re looking for a fast, safe and reliable way to lose weight and keep it off, I recommend the Weight Loss Program.

We take control of your Diet and Training. We make sure you eat the right foods, do the right exercises and get the support you need to be a success.

With years of experience our chefs cook delicious and nutritious weight loss meals for you everyday. Delicious salads, fruits, diet shakes and full meals of organic chicken and vegetables.

Everyday you train with our Professional Fitness trainers and Yoga instructors and take part in training sessions. Included, are Boot Camp style beach training sessions, Fitness sessions, Yoga classes, Circuit training, Boxing Sessions, Group Running and more…

And on the weekends – you can relax at the beach, enjoy a Thai Massage, a Herbal Sauna and have a good time.

Designed by certified Nutritionist and renowned Phuket trainer; this is the ultimate Belly Fat Cure. (read more →)

Muay Thai

“Strength, Power and Endurance; Self Defense and Fighting Ability…”

training muay thaiMuay Thai is good for Self Defense, great for Losing Weight, awesome for Fitness AND a lot of Fun…

It’s no wonder that Muay Thai in Phuket has become so popular in recent years.

Everyday, we have scheduled Group Muay Thai training and VIP Private sessions in our Muay Thai boxing gym.

Our trainers are experts at training beginners all the way to advanced. They’ve been doing and training Muay Thai their entire lives and know exactly how to teach and direct the sport.

To get the most out of your time here, take our special Muay Thai Program. This gives you Full Training, High-Protein Diet and Optional Accommodation all in one package.

Learn to defend yourself against attack, and fight if you need to. read more →


“White sandy beaches, crystal clear water and palm trees…”

the beach near byLocated at the very tip of Phuket, we are surrounded by pristine white beaches and national park land.

It is without a doubt the most beautiful part of Phuket and a true paradise for a health and fitness holiday.

We’re just 5 minutes walk to Rawai beach, 10 minutes to Ya Nui beach and 15 to Nai Harn.

The camp is set into the hill side facing outward toward the sea.

Behind we have hill country, leading up to viewpoints which look out over the sea and all of Phuket.

2012 Success Stories

“Find Out What Other People Are Saying…”


George traveled all the way from Liverpool in England to live and train at our camp.

In his time spent here, he took part in our different training sessions and ate only at our Health Food Restaurant.

He stayed with us for almost 10 weeks. In this time he reached his weight loss and fitness goals. He originally came only for our Fitness programs, but soon discovered he enjoyed learning Muay Thai too.

Between the excellent diet he was eating and the Muay Thai and fitness training he did, he managed to lose almost all his body-fat and looks and feels great!

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“Safe, Clean and Comfortable; Budget to Deluxe Bungalows…”

We take Pride in our Accommodation. We provide Budget to Deluxe options built and maintained to Western Standards.

Every bungalow and room is cleaned twice per week. Fresh towels are provided and bed sheets are changed.

We have 4 main accommodation options to choose from. Deluxe Apartments, Duplex Deluxe Bungalows, Deluxe Bungalows and Single Rooms. They range in price and style, but one thing remains the same… they are all safe, clean and comfortable.

Please choose the accommodation you are interested in and contact us to make your reservation.

Duplex Deluxe Bungalow

Big bungalow with patio and garden. Air conditioning, kingsized bed, 42inch TV, WI-FI, coffee table, sofa, bean bag. Kitchen has refrigerator, sink, kettle, microwave Quality leather office chair & desk. Big bathroom and more…

Duplex Deluxe Bungalow →


Deluxe Bungalow

Large bedroom with kingsized bed, air-conditioning, WI-FI, dvd, safe, cable TV; Kitchen area with fridge, microwave oven, sink, cutlery and kettle; Big bathroom with hot & cold water, towels

Deluxe Bungalow →


Single Room

Private bedroom with a kingsized bed in each, WI-FI, cable TV, dvd, air-conditioning, safe & Shared Kitchen includes microwave, kettle, fridge and cutlery; Shared Bathroom has towels and has hot and cold water

A/C Single Room→


WI-FI Internet

Our entire camp has high speed business class WI-FI Internet. And for guaranteed high speed and reliability, we have individual WI-FI boxes in every room and bungalow. This means the Internet at our camp, is as fast and reliable as it is in any Western country.

Around the Camp

“Health & Fitness Facilities to Help You Reach Your Goals…”

family in our health food restaurant

Health Food Restaurant

We have a full Health Food Restaurant on camp. We provide a range of delicious and highly nutritious meals, shakes and snacks.

Our menus have been designed by a Certified Nutritionist and will quickly help you reach your health and fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, have more energy or anything else – we have the foods that will help you get there.

We also have a really great Weight loss menu which includes only the best foods for burning fat and keeping it off.

We encourage our guests to look at their stay here as a learning experience. We hope that after eating in this way, you will realize that healthy food can actually be very tasty. We hope that when you come to leave our camp, you keep up your healthy eating habits and maintain your good health.

man lifting weights in our fitness gymStrength & Conditioning Gym

If you want a strong powerful body, our Strength & Conditioning gym can help you achieve this.

We have Olympic Barbells, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Sand bags, Pull up bars, Elliptical trainers, Fitness Bikes and more.

We have everything you need to increase strength and muscle, burn fat and get a great looking body.

We also have strength and fitness classes which incorporate this equipment into the training. For example, we do circuit training where you move from exercise to exercise in a circuit.

Our Body Fit class uses a variety of this equipment in a type of high intensity circuit training. It pushes you to the max and works every muscle in your entire body. Just days of training like this and you will see results.

boxing gym at Thailand Camp

Muay Thai Boxing Gym

Our Muay Thai gym sits in the center of the camp. It’s built in the true traditional Thai style, with a thatched roof and wooden structure.

The benefits of this style, is that it allows heat to pass through making a cool training environment. Our camp also benefits from a cool sea breeze from the beach.

We have 2 daily Muay Thai training workouts. The first starts at 8am in the morning, the second at 4pm in the afternoon.

Our boxing gym is complete with: 2 professional-standard (full sized) boxing rings; 16 Twinns heavy bags, 4 long bags and a variety of technique and fitness equipment.

Yoga Studiofitness and yoga class

At our camp, we have a large Yoga studio where we hold daily Yoga classes and other fitness activities.

Many of our guests have never tried Yoga before in their life when they first arrive at our camp. But with the help of our Yoga teachers, they quickly learn the different poses and often become Yoga fanatics before they leave.

Our Yoga classes are focused on the health benefits that Yoga practice has on the body.

We use Yoga as a means of increasing and improving overall body strength, flexibility and posture. It is also effective at relieving aches and pains, improving sleep, increasing self confidence and improving overall health and wellness.

Things To Do

(Just Minutes from the Camp…)

Contact us now or ask in our camp office for more information and help with organizing tourist trips.