History of Muay Thai

Muay Thai, or what is technically known as the art of eight limbs due to the nature of the combat techniques used, is Thailand’s national sport. The techniques used in Muay Thai have to do with making use of the feet, the fists, the elbows, and the knees, which is a vast difference from the conventional boxing methods. Due to these different striking methods, Muay Thai is an incredibly complex and intense physical sport to master, and it requires the use of high-quality protective equipment in order to safeguard the individuals participating. Making use of high-quality training equipment is necessary for training purposes including such things as the Muay Thai punching bag. Interestingly enough, the protective wear used in Muay Thai isn’t something new as it goes back hundreds of years, so hang out for a little while we go over some interesting facts about Muay Thai history and some early types of protective equipment.

The Tiger King

In the early 1700s there was a ruler of Thailand known as the Tiger King who held a lot of sway over the different fighting styles that were being used during the time, as well as all of the different equipment that the fighters were making use of in order to protect themselves. A lot of the aspects of his ideas are currently being used within the sport to this day.

One of the ideas that Tiger King had was to have all of the participants bind their hands and their forearms with horsehair in order to not only protect themselves, but cause more damage to their opponents. As time went on, they replaced the horsehair with ropes that were made out of hemp, but it wasn’t long before that method was gotten rid of and they started making use of early model boxing gloves similar in nature to what the Thai fighters use in modern times.

Another item of protection that was implemented heavily until the 1930s was the donning of a groin guard. This is because opponents were legally able to use groin attacks within the sport up until the year 1932. Since obviously they didn’t have any type of the molded plastics that we have today while the Tiger King was ruling, many of the fighters made use of specific types of tree bark as a means of protecting their groin. They managed to hold the tree bark in place by using some cloth. Another method that was used widely to protect the groin area was to believe it or not use a particular type of seashell.

Important Information Regarding Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai works perfectly for the sport of MMA because it combines a variety of different striking techniques with traditional type boxing blows. It has grown in popularity throughout the world in recent decades, and for huge number of the MMA fans, it has become one of the most favored fighting styles. For anybody who is absolutely serious about becoming proficient at Muay Thai, there’s going to be a need to train under highly skilled instructors with all of the proper safety and training equipment.

What Is Expected from Those Who Wish to Participate in Muay Thai

When it comes to participating in sports in general, there is always a demand that the participants show sportsmanship and other qualities of professionalism in order to become esteemed in the activity, but for MMA, and especially Muay Thai  this is especially true. One of the most basic and fundamental aspects of Muay Thai that an individual is required to learn before they can even begin training is the principles and rules of morality that go along with Muay Thai. Muay Thai is nothing that should ever be used to gain glory for yourself, or to physically harm somebody in an effort to show off your skills. Any expert in Muay Thai will point out that anybody who acts in the sort of manner is simply exploiting the sport and it is highly frowned upon. These fundamentals of morality which are, that a practitioner must be a respecter of the law, honest, patient, polite, and willing to help any other individual at any time, and also they are never allowed to take any type of unfair advantage over an adversary. All of these are essential to becoming an esteemed member of the Muay Thai community.

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