Fitness in Phuket

Fitness & Weight Loss training is central to what we do. Everyday we have a schedule of different fitness activities to choose from.

We have a Fitness Gym complete with all the latest equipment, a Professional Yoga Studio and Boxing gym.

In fact, we are the only all-in-one Fitness, Boxing, Yoga, Detox and Weight Loss facility in Phuket…

Fitness Training

We have daily Fitness Training at our camp. This is ideal for losing weight, building strength and getting a well shaped body.

Regardless of what shape you are currently in, you will be able to take part. You may choose to start out slower at first, but as you continue to train you will notice that you can go further and push yourself harder.

As you continue to do this, your body will look noticeably fitter, stronger and healthier. You will quickly strip off unwanted fat, become leaner and tone up.

The Fitness Program

If your serious about increasing your fitness and getting in perfect shape – this program is what you need.

Based on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) this program gets killer results in just days. If you train like this for 3 months, you can completely transform your entire body.

This is a Full Fitness Training Routine PLUS a Full Daily Diet Plan ( 3 meals + 1 diet shake per day!)

This Program is inclusive of all food and training, and is one of the best ways on the planet to get in shape fast.

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Feel much better and happy with the rewards

May 17, 2012 by Natalie

I have to say I really had a good time staying at camp and doing the fitness package. The food was delicious and the training was a lot of fun. The atmosphere was energetic and I met some cool people! My body changed a lot over the month and I am really happy with the rewards for my efforts. I also notice that I am feeling healthier and my skin is shinier nd lookin good.

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Weight Loss Program

This is everything you need to get a fit, lean body – all in one package. It is a Certified Diet & Nutrition Program which has been proven to yield results.

We’ve had guests lose up to 10kg’s in just 1 month. Others have reached 8% bodyfat by training and eating in this way.

Everyday, you will take part in our exercises routines and stick to the weight loss diet we provide. You will quickly shed pounds of unwanted belly fat and get a well shaped body. read more →

Fitness Gym

We have a full Fitness, Strength & Conditioning gym at our camp. It’s open for use all day and is often used in our fitness classes.

We have top of the range Elliptical Machines, Concept2 Rowers, Exercise Bikes, Pull up bars, a Smith Machine and of course Free Weights.

The Exercise Machines help increase your level of fitness and increase your bodies strength and stamina. The rowing machines are particularly beneficial as they workout and strengthen your entire body as a unit.

Free Weights are very good for building usable-muscle, strength and endurance.

We have a complete set of Kettlebells which can be used for hundreds of different exercises. They are especially good for increasing muscle endurance and full body strength.

We have big Barbells which are most often used for the Bench-Press, Deadlift and Heavy Squat. These full-body exercises pack power to your body and increase your metabolic rate which also increases fat-loss.

Yoga Studio

Our Yoga Studio is upstairs and open-air. There’s a constant cool breeze flowing through from the Sea which makes it ideal for Yoga.

Yoga has been in practice for over 5,000 years and is now being practiced by tens of millions world-wide.

Yoga is a series of stretches and poses which increase flexibility in your body and release tension and stress. It also promotes healthy joints and good health.

Yoga increases strength and power in the entire body. It improves muscle tone, burns bodyfat and increases overall strength and condition.

Whats more, Yoga is used as a way to correct posture, induce a relaxed meditative state and so much more.

(program run Monday to Saturday and schedule may vary slightly)

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