Fasting and Detox

detox fasting photoThere’s nothing new about fasting as it has been done for a very long time, and it need not be done just for simply spiritual reasons or in order to make some type of point for whatever reason. Many people think of fasting as simply having to do with self deprivation from eating, but that’s not necessarily the case as you can easily fast from participating in activities you enjoy as well, whether it be participating in different social networking websites, watching television, or anything else you can think of. Whenever you deprive yourself of normal daily activities that take up your time, you can focus on other issues that are important to you with more clarity. Many people just use fasting in an effort to straighten out their polarities if you will.

I work a lot with people in an effort to help them make positive changes in their life through detoxing and fasting, and one of the biggest things that come up typically deal with some sort of un-forgiveness that there are harboring in their heart for whatever reasons. The only way to truly purify your mind and your body is to learn how to forgive yourself and let all of this stuff go. In order to do that, you’re going to need to take time to contemplate the issues, pray about them, and make a decision within yourself to let go of the bitterness and forgive.

Everybody’s an individual, and we all have our own specific issues that we have to get rid of in order to move on in life. These issues could have to do with different people, places, or events that have transpired in our life. Perhaps it’s an old friend that you need to move on from, or an attitude that you need to change within yourself. It could be something as simple as just kicking a bad habit that is limiting the amount of quality time that you can spend with your loved ones. The only person who really knows what these issues are is you, so in order to move on, you’re going to have to make an internal decision to do so.

I made a personal decision this year to take some time to go on an all liquid fast, and currently I am on the 15th day of that out of the 21 days that I set aside for the undertaking. Whenever I do this, I always consume enormous amount of liquids, whether it’s water, or healthy fruit and vegetable drinks. Another liquid that I become incredibly fond of during these periods of time is milk. I’m not exactly sure why that is, but perhaps it’s because it is the nourishment that we thrived on as newborns all the way through the first year of our lives. Even though I don’t particularly drink much of it when I’m not depriving myself, when I am, it’s something that I truly love.

I have participated in a number of fasts over my years on this earth, and whenever I complete one I always feel incredibly good throughout my entire being. It requires a lot of discipline in order to stick to one of these programs, but for me it’s completely worth it, and it allows me to put away all the garbage that is going on in my life and reflect on the good. It also allows me a period of time to cleanse my body of all of the impurities that have been building up over time as well. Naturally, there are things that I crave when I am going through this time in my life, but alas all of the Twinkies, bacon burgers, and hot dogs can wait.

Whenever I go through one of these fasting periods, I always end up asking myself the question of why I feel so compelled to eat so much during the day, whether it be the recommended three meals, or the six small meals that are recommended by a lot of the “health gurus”. My metabolic rate has never been hindered due to my fasting, nor have I ever experienced the yo-yo effect that so many dieters complain about. My body has never experienced a lack of nutrition due to depriving myself of food for an extended period of time either, and I know this because it’s something that I do on a regular basis. One of the leading experts on the subject, a fellow by the name of Dr. Schulz, has filled up a couple of books on the subject of the benefits that can be gained from purifying your body through the use of fasting, and how it can work incredibly well at allowing your digestive tracked to clean itself out. In fact, he has made it perfectly clear that allowing all of these poisonous substances to build up in your body can lead to a wide variety of different diseases and sickness.

I still get a lot of flak from my mom about fasting, and I’m sure she’s going to say something about my doing so as soon as I put this post on my blog, so just for the record mom, as soon as I am done with this fast that I’m currently on, I’m going down to the store in order to buy a couple of Twinkies and devour them for you. Don’t worry, I will enjoy it.

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Whenever I detox or fast, I make sure I have Chromium every morning as it really helps with my cravings. This was a tip from my Chinese medicine practitioner.


Interesting article. Do you ever fast in accordance with what is happening in nature? For example, I have a friend that did a fast around the time of the “Super Moon” (I have no idea what that is, by the way.) Was just wondering if you have experienced something like that and how it impacted you etc?


Thanks this is interesting. I am guessing when you fast are you OK to drink lots of water? I’m doing at least 8 glasses per day normally, and I could see myself wanting more if I was detoxing/fasting.


I like the concept of fasting, but I get really sick when I do this, so I prefer to detox using only fruits and veggies.


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