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In the world we live in today, it’s easy to get bogged down with stress and other issues that we have within our lives, and when we combine that with the wrong diet, it’s easy to fall into depression, suffer from a lack of energy, and just not feel like doing anything. If you’ve gotten to this point in your life, then you would likely benefit greatly from taking part in a body cleansing detox retreat in Phuket, Thailand.

One of the most popular and effective ways that people use to rid their bodies of all the toxins that build up over time is to use fasting. There is good reasoning to back this up due to the fact that around 75% the energy that our body produces is used in the digestive process, and if you cut out the need for your body to make use of those digestive processes, then your body will be able to use the energy that it has for other processes like healing.

Typically the diet of people living in Western societies is full of foods that aren’t entirely healthy for the body. We have a tendency to consume large amounts of alcohol, coffee, dairy products, and red meats which over time build up within our bodies. Whenever we are able to fast, all of those substances that have built up in our systems, as well as any common pesticides that might be present are able to be removed through the natural cleansing process. A lot more can benefit from fasting than just our bodies however, because it can also help to clear the thought process, and from a spiritual aspect, individuals have been using fasting as a method to get closer to God for millennia.

You can fast from a variety of different things, but when it comes to fasting from food there are a couple of different methods that people generally choose, and that is to either fast with only water, or with the use of healthy juices. No matter which of these methods you decide to go with, it is important to seek the advice of a physician before you begin. Water isn’t a great source of energy, so if you are just going to ingest water during your fast, it’s important that you schedule it for a time when you don’t have a lot of activities to do. It’s important that you don’t consume too much water, no more than 2 L throughout the day either since doing so can actually flush all of the vital nutrients that your body has resulting in dehydration.

If you make a choice of taking in vegetable juices during your fast, you are still likely to experience some of the same symptoms, but they are definitely not going to be as extreme.

If you consume vegetable juices while you’re fasting, you will be able to get on with your daily activities a lot easier than with just water. You might even be able to do some exercises since you’ll be taking in vital nutrients your body needs. While it probably wouldn’t hurt to make use of fruit juice for a fast, in order to get the best results, using vegetables such as cucumbers, and celery, or any type of green vegetable is the best. These will provide all of the nutrition that your body needs, and your body will still be able to concentrate on cleansing and restoring itself to how it is meant to be. As with the water, you don’t want to consume any more than a couple of liters during the day. A good balance for one of these juice fasts is to use water combined with herbal teas and some shots of wheat grass throughout the day.

There can be some crazy side effects when you start fasting for more than a week, and some of them include nausea, potential headaches, weird feelings in your stomach, and even drippy sinuses. Typically these types of uncomfortable side effects will start to lesson off after about the third day, and it’s not uncommon for people to start being happy for no reason at all, and have a very clear thought process. Usually around this time, the hunger pains are starting to lesson quite a bit, but there may be some fatigue and tendency to not remember things very well. The skin will likely also start experiencing some changes where you might get some rashes or spots, but it should start feel surprisingly supple.

The longer you go, the more transforming it can actually be within a person, after the fifth day, you’ll really start noticing changes going on in your body. While an individual still may be quite forgetful and irritable at times, and even emotional, it does get better. When you stretch it out longer, getting closer to two weeks, many people often experience a change in how they see and taste, and even their sense of smell of transforms. After the 10th day, all the way out to three weeks, your body really starts to transform and improve, which makes sense because it requires this much time to get all the toxic materials out of your system. If you go for longer than three weeks, it is likely that if you had any sorts of physical addictions, they’ll be gone. These fasts can be very hard on an individual, so depending on your personality type, and your body, you may not want to partake in a fast such as this without seeking out the support of some sort of detox center where you can get away and focus purely on the experience.

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I have tried detoxing a few times and never had any success. The caffeine withdrawal headaches always get me on about day two. However, I feel that doing in on a camp would be great in keeping me focused and also providing the support of staff as well as other visitors who are facing the same challenge.


Hope to try this one day! Sounds like a very educated and supportive environment. What a way to make a life change!


When my colon is free, I feel energized. Some studies say there is no need to detox or fast but from my experience there is benefits.


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