CrossFit is one of the newer movements that has hit the fitness scene here in Phuket. The primary goal of CrossFit is to attain a level of fitness that allows an individual to exert themselves to their maximum levels for a short period of time with a brief period of recovery afterwards. This is similar to what a soldier has to achieve when running from one point of cover to another during a battle. In addition CrossFit works in various weight training exercises in order to strengthen the body’s core and provide an individual with a solid well-rounded physical workout.

Each day the participant is required to log on to the website and complete the workout of the day which is displayed on the home page of the CrossFit website. Each of these daily exercises are developed in a way that is going to provide a significant amount of muscle confusion in order to provide the previously worked muscles a period of recovery time while still allowing you to work the other parts of your body.

All of these daily workouts provided by CrossFit are specifically designed to maximize an individuals fitness levels in 10 individualized areas. These 10 areas include increasing stamina, building strength, increasing power, increasing flexibility, increasing speed, increasing agility, balance, coordination, accuracy, and cardiovascular endurance.

By working on each one of these skills individually, it is the goal of CrossFit to get an individual prepared for a wide variety of activities that are physically demanding, in addition to being a competitive fitness or sport activity all by itself. By allowing our CrossFit students to participate online, they have a platform to develop some camaraderie with the other students and participate in some fierce competition as well. All of the participants are encouraged to share their progress with the other members of the community for such things as their weightlifting achievements, their workout times, and the amount of reps they have been completing. If you have a competitive spirit, and enjoy going up against other individuals in a way that allows you to push yourself to meet your own fitness goals, then CrossFit may be a perfect solution for you.

CrossFit doesn’t require that you work out every day however, as plenty of rest days are also worked in to the program so that individuals can take a break and participate in some different activities for the day like some easy swimming, or slow jogging. Another aspect that is emphasized within the CrossFit plan is to focus on eating the correct diet in order to make sure that the body is meeting the necessary nutritional requirements for the amount of exercise that is being undertaken.

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It’s great to have tools to build stamina as this would increase fitness capacity in every other routine or class. I also like the idea of sharing your success with other participants because I find I always go that extra mile if I am being a) held accountable or b) being entitled to bragging rights! Another great post guys, thanks for that.


Thats so cool that people can record and share Cross Fit progress and achievements. The community feeling is really invaluable when you are pushing yourself. Sometimes you need an extra bit of motivation.


I’ll definitely check these classes out! Thanks for adopting these new trends Thailand Camp!!


Would love to get into this, thanks for the article. I’ve always found group based training easier to push myself. Working out with people motivates me and even makes it fun


I like the fact that you are able to log in and keep track of your progress. I would like to improve in all these areas especially strength and stamina.


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