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best detoxA little later on we are going to lay out all the steps of the cleansing program in all its glory, but first I want to provide a simple overview of the different areas we’ll be focusing on. (Go here for more information on our Phuket Detox Program…)

Section one: Purifying Your Body from Contaminants

In order to begin removing all of the contaminants from your system, the initial thing that needs to be done is to remove anything that might be blocking your bodies ability to smoothly pass waste materials. This can easily be done by using such things as natural laxatives, but there are also other methods for loosening the bowels including enemas. The reason that this has to be addressed first is because it is the most productive way of removing all of the contaminants that reside in your body. You can expect this initial step to take 2 to 3 days to complete.

Immediately following the first step, the next process is going to involve cleaning some of our internal organs including the circulatory system, liver, kidneys, and our largest organ the skin. All of the methods that we are going to use to do this include natural substances such as herbal teas in combination with other herbs like dandelion for example which works well to remove the impurities from the liver.

Some other natural remedies that we’ll be using to clean up our kidneys include various teas made out of such plants as Yarrow and parsley, which work especially well. In order to thoroughly clean up the circulatory system and other areas of your system, we will be making use of things like dandelion, red clover, and burdock. Typically this process is going to take around 4 to 7 days after completing the first step.

Section two: Reducing Contact with Impurities

The second part of the program involves limiting the impurities that we come in contact with during our daily lives, and should be implemented with all of the steps in this program. Not only should you use this practical advice in order to help cleanse your system, it should be made a part of your daily routine so that you can prevent further harm and buildup of impure substances within your body. The majority of impurities that we take into our system come from a couple of different places, and that is from the different foods that we consume, and from the materials which we come into contact with in our surroundings.

If you work in the construction industry or something, and are continuously subjected to different chemicals, or things such as dust from carpentry, or cleaners, or anything else that’s harmful to the body, it’s always important to ventilate the area as much as possible. Many of these activities are going to require that you use either a forced air breathing mechanism, or at least a certified respirator mask that is capable of preventing you from breathing in the toxic materials.

You should also limit your exposure to any type of harmful chemical that can get on your skin. This can include anything that you come into contact with in your daily life, be it bleach, or anything else that could be considered harmful.

Whenever you are trying to cleanse your system from impurities, it’s important to stay away from foods that are not completely natural. You should always avoid foods that have an overabundance of ingredients that don’t sound healthy. It’s always good to eat a large amount of foods that are high in fiber like veggies and fruit, and foods which you consume that contain carbohydrates and proteins should be from pure sources.

You should never drink anything that is unhealthy either, and only put liquids into your body such as tea, water, fruit and vegetable juices, and if you don’t overdo it, it might be okay to consume a high-protein shake before you begin exercising.

Different Regions of the System:

Our bodies are naturally very good at getting rid of toxins throughout our entire system as long as nothing is blocked and everything is flowing smoothly. Because of that, the only areas that we really need to focus on in order to completely cleanse our bodies from all impurities is the liver, the circulatory system, the colon, and the kidneys.

If all of these areas are taken care of, then the body will naturally remove the rest from your systems on its own, so you won’t have to worry about it. Whenever we completely take care of cleaning out all four of those previously mentioned system within the body, it won’t take any actual effort on our part for our bodies to finish the job.

Section 3: Diet & Nutrition

The human body is a masterpiece of design and this is proved by the fact that all of the individual cells are being replaced on a continuing basis. All of the cells are different, and they all have their set time limits before they are replaced, but if you don’t get the right nutrition in your body, your system is not going to be able to carry out this cellular replacement process as it is meant to.

As you go on living your daily life, if your body isn’t getting enough nutrition, and these cells aren’t being replaced like they should be, then naturally the body is going to start wearing down. Because proper nutrition is an important part of feeding the cells and helping them in this replacement process, it’s important that you take in the nourishment your body needs on a daily basis. This is especially true when you’re trying to cleanse your body from all the impurities that it may contain, since all of the teas and herbs that you will be using will eliminate a lot of key nutrients that your body needs.

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What are some good teas to use while detoxing? I usually just have green tea or caffeine free black tea but I would like to know if there are teas that would be more gentle on my body.


To the above commenter: you cannot go past dandelion tea while detoxing :)


Thanks this is a detailed description. When detoxing do I need to reduce my physical activity level? I don’t want to slow down on my CrossFit classes.


There is a tea called 3 ballerina that i use to detox my colon. It works very well for me and has helped me loose weight.


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